How to become a speaker at conferences
Attend a conference

How to become a speaker at conferences

Conferences are the great places to network with likeminded people, learn new things, listen to experts and present your idea to the world. This article will guide how to become a speaker at conferences.

How to become a speaker at conferences

People feel very uncomfortable while Speaking at a conference. We will discuss here all the aspects to overcome this problem.

How to find the conferences?

Before speaking at a conference you need to find the Upcoming conferences. You can find the upcoming conference at the following places.

  1. Online/Online searching
  2. College/university notice board
  3. Conference listing portals
  4. Newsletters
  5. Newspapers
  6. Professional Conference Organizer’s Portal
  7. Social media Etc.

Once you search the conference according to your topic now you need to search the information for the speaker opportunity.

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You can find the information from the home page of the conference or registration page. You can also contact the Organizer if you do not find.

You can check “conference speakers wanted” or “sign up to be a speaker

Steps to prepare for the speech.

Before coming to any conference you must follow some basic steps

1. Confidence about the topic

Every conference is based on a specific topic. So as a speaker, your topic must match the Conference’s aim and objective.

Everyone knows, Speaking is an art. Speaking at a Conference requires confidence. You must have the confidence of the topic of speech.

Gather all the information about the topic.

Special Tip: Present your topic infornt of Mirror once before the speech. It will increase your Confidence.

2. Make the PPT and Presentation file

PPTs are very helpful while presentation. It must contains the slides about the topic. Make your PPT interesting by adding various related images and diagrams.

If you use any Image, Table, Charts etc. then do not forget to write the source.

You can use various Presentation Software or  Online Presentation Tools to make your presentation.

You can use short videos to explain your topic more effectively.

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Special Tip: Always take a backup file in additional Pen drive/DVD or you can store it on the Email or in any cloud storage platform.

3. What to were during the conferences?

As a Speaker or Keynote speaker, your appearance matters a lot. If you are attending any Academic Conferences and Seminar, then try to wear formal trousers with Formal Shirt. A tie with a formal Jacket will add extra wattage to your personality.

If you are a Lady then try to wear the formal attire with Blazer.

Shoes: Shoes that are in good condition should be worn. No sandals, athletic shoes or hiking boots.

Colors: The color of clothes must be simple and the colors like Red, Purple, green, Yellow must be avoided.

Always carry a napkin with you during the presentation.

Jewelry: It’s always recommendable to not to wear any kind of heavy fancy jewelry or accessories during the conference.  So keep your jewelry as simple as possible and it must compliment your dress.

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Special Tip: Always a carry an additional pair of clothes for the presentation for any unwanted incident like damage of clothes due to Water, Rain, Food or any kind of mishandling etc.

What to do before the conference speech?

  • Before coming to the conference take the Venue and schedule for the conference.
  • Collect the contact person or the reporting person’s details
  • If you are traveling to another city or far away then try to reach the place before one day of the conference.
  • Check all your visa requirements and make your passport ready if you are traveling abroad for the conference. Try to gather the local travel information, food and currency information from various sources.
  • Send your topic abstract to the Organizer before the conference to get printed on the conference proceedings or the book.
  • Take proper sleep before the speech
  • Carry your visiting card

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What to do during the conference Speech?

  • As we discussed Speaking in front of a public is an art. So start your presentation with an immersive line.
  • Introduce yourself before starting the speech. You can include your achievements.
  • Try to do eye contact with your audience as many as possible.
  • Try to interact with the listeners during the speech.
  • Always open for any question from the audience.

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What to do after the Speech?

Collect the information of other speakers and try to connect with them over LinkedIn, Whatsapp or any social media network.

  • Take photos with different people and speakers for your social media.
  • Try to connect personally with other experts over a coffee or dinner.
  • Be prepared for the Media Interviews after the speech. The Organizer may also ask to have a bite of the topic on the camera.
  • All conference organizers provide a Special Certificate and Momento to Keynote speakers and honor them at the conference stage. So do not forget to recieve that.

Things you should avoid while speaker at conferences.

  • Do not promote or sell any kind of service or product you are associated with.
  • Do not be too casual with anyone.
  • Do not use any kindly of alcohol or smoke before or during the speech.
  • Do not ask for any kind of job or association with you or your company.

Final words

By following the above tips and tricks you could be an excellent speaker at conferences and grow your network and your personality. So we hope this topic on How to become a speaker at conferences could help you a lot. Do not forget to comment below If we miss anything.