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how to write research paper for conference
Attend a conference

How to write research paper for conference

In this article, we will discuss how to write research paper for conference. Are you planning to write a paper to attend any conference ? or have you finished the writing of a paper for the conference? Then this article will definitely help you to write a better research paper for a conference.

How to write research paper for conference ?

Writing a research paper is a difficult task. Most of the scholars and researchers do great works during their research but when the question comes to write a paper on their own research, then they fail to do so.

This because of lack of information, understanding the procedure, process, lack of knowledge and proper guidance.

In this article, we will discuss every important point which will guide you to how to write a conference paper and we will suggest some of the exclusive tips become selected in the conference easily.

What to do before writing the paper?

If you planning to write a paper then you must prepare your self before writing the paper. Let us discuss in details.

  1. You can read as many as papers based on your research topic which are previously published. You will have a clear idea of how the facts and findings get presented.
  2. Download as many as papers you can base on your topic and collect the citations for the reference of your paper.
  3. Collect all the figures, pictures of results of the experiment done by you or required for the publication, Collect the tables and facts with reference.
  4. Check the sample paper/paper format from the conference’s website or brochure. Most of the conference organizers have a predefined sample formatted paper. So according to that, you need to prepare conference paper. It will be rejected if you don’t do so. The sample paper format may change from conference to conference.
  5. Check the rules and regulation of the conference for publication and selection criteria.

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After following all the above point now its time to write the paper.

What to do while writing the paper?

There are six major basic elements of a research paper. They are as follows

    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction/Overview and problem statement
    3. Literature survey
    4. Proposed method
    5. Experimental data analysis and results
    6. Conclusion and References

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Abstract of the paper

The abstract is an important part of your paper which describes the summary of the paper and identifies the purpose of the research paper, proposed model, methods used, findings and conclusion. So you must prepare to write the abstract of the paper at the end of the writing of paper so it that it could be easy to write. But remember the Abstract must be placed on the first section of the paper.

Problem statement     

This section must focus on the basic problem exists. So you can write a brief in the production of the problem.

You must avoid writing the details of the problem here.

Literature survey

In this section, you must write the existing ideas and solutions proposed in different authenticated publications like Journals, news articles, press releases, white papers, etc.

Sometimes this section either can be avoided or can be merged with the Problem statement which written previously.

Proposed method

This is the most important of part of your paper where you need to write your own assumptions, methods of solving the problems.

The facts and figures must be there to make the ideas more impressive and easy to understand to the reader.

Experimental data analysis and results

In this section of the paper, the proposed model where you need to present all the facts and data related to your findings and you can also compare the results with others.

This section will be a clear analysis of the total proposed model for the problem statement given by you previously.

Conclusion and References

You must write the conclusion of the paper where you should write the results of the research done by your and key findings.

You must explain, is the proposed model is able to solve the problem. The future research scope of the paper also is included in this section.

You can also highlight drawbacks and negative impact if any.

In the reference section, you must give the reference to all the sources from where you got the previous data which helped you to find the literature survey and facts and data used in your current paper.

This is all about how to write research paper for conference or how to write a conference paper. We hope you liked the article and comment below how you are writing your research paper. Visit our site (What is Research) research blog regularly.


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