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How to make PPT for international conference

“I have absolutely no time !! My paper got selected for one of the upcoming International conferences. I really do not know How to make PPT for international conference”.  This is the most common situation for most scholars, researchers, and students when they are preparing to attain one International conference, a National Conference, or any webinar.

If you are facing this situation then you are in the right place to get all the details. We will guide you step by step if you’re preparing for your first conference or even if you have experienced several conferences.

How to make PPT for international conference?

In this article, we will guide you in the right ways to make the PPTs in absolutely simple steps and will also tell you, what are the things you should not do or include while making your ppts and presenting them.

Why PPTs are important for the conference?

Before explaining all the steps let us understand, what is the importance of the PPTs in the conference.

In an international conference, you need to explain your research paper to the audience and the experts present in the Chair or Session Chair.

The best way to explain your idea is to present a PPT where the purpose of the study, literature survey, research process involved, data collection and processing,  sources of data, conclusions, and references get explained in detail.

What to do before making the PPT?

  • Complete writing your research paper for publication in the proper format according to the organizer’s paper format.
  • Before making the PPTs you need to collect all the figures and tables in one place.
  • Get all the permission or NOC of any copyrighted content if you are going to use it in the presentation.
  • Re-check all the facts and figures and their labels.

Steps to make PPT for international conference.

Step-1: Choose a  good theme for the Powerpoint presentation

A good theme always catches the attention of the audience. The theme should be white in the background and try not to use any fancy background.

You can choose the existing theme from MS Powerpoint or browse on the internet.

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Step-2: Make a sequence of slides

The sequence of the presentation slide is also an important factor for any presentation.

As a presenter, you must emphasize the sequence as follows

  • The first slide must contain an introduction of the subject and the author’s details(name, designation, department of study, college or institution’s name) (Number of slides must be 1)
  • The second slide must contain the introduction of the study and the purpose of the paper. (Number of slides must be 1 to 2)
  • The next slide must contain the history of the subject or literature survey. (Number of slides must be 1 to 2)
  • You must put the proposed model and procedure of the study/data collection if any in the next couple of slides(Number of slides must be 2 to 4)
  • Study result slides: you can showcase your research finding and your contribution in the next couple of slides. (Number of slides must be 2 to 3)
  • Conclusion slide: This must be after the study result slide. (Number of slides must be 1)
  • Future studies and drawbacks of this study must be included after the conclusion slide. (Number of slides must be 1)
  • References and acknowledgment slide must be included at the last. (Number of slides must be 1)
  • Thank you slide. (Number of slides must be 1)

So these are the sequence of the slides and most of the reputed organizations follow this sequence.

Step-3: Emphasize on Data visualization

As a presenter, you might have all the understanding of the data you have presented in the table but while presenting you must convert these data into the chart or visualization format to make it easier for the listeners.

You can choose the various chart format to represent the date like Bar chart, column, pie, bar, Doughnut, Bubble, radar, etc. to represent the data.

Step-4: Use the proper format and source

While presenting you must choose the images, reports, tables/data, etc from credible sources like other journal reports from reputed agencies.

If you are quoting a report published in any newspaper or any opinion of any person, then you must check the originality of the content. Because sometimes the newspapers may publish the first phase information of the news without investing the actual fact.

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Step-5: Use simple words and maintain clear visibility

While creating the PPT for the presentation you must use a simple form of the word which is easily understandable to others.

Maintain clear visibility and maintain proper space between lines. Sometimes the presenters copy all the information as written on paper and put it into the presentation slide which you should not do.

Step-6: Add conclusion, Thank you message and open for Q&A

In the end, you must include the References and conclusion of the presentation.

The listeners and the session chair may ask a few questions about the presentation and research to clear their doubts.

So always prepare for the Q&A after the presentation.

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What you should not do while making slides

  • Do not make your slide s too long
  • Do not use images, facts, figures or quotes from the untrusted sources.

So this is all about How to make PPT for an international conference. Comment below if you have any queries regarding making slides for the International Conference.

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