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Best academic translation service

If you are writing a research paper for an international conference or a reputed journal and you do not belong to an English-speaking country then there are high chances that your research paper gets rejected. To avoid that we will discuss here some of the best academic translation service you can use to write an excellent research paper, report or even a thesis.

Academic translation service

What is academic translation?

Words and the reality they strive to depict are not the same, or else every statement would be true. Speaking and writing allow us to constantly bridge this gap. But as translators, they confront a double challenge: they must cross the same border twice, first entering the world through a source text and then returning from there by crossing the border of a different language.

The truth clings tenaciously to the language that reflects it in the fields like arts, humanities, and social sciences, where there is rarely a clear-cut relationship between the source text and the world it portrays.

The original text, which must give up its sole control over the truth, must be the translator’s first line of defence when things go wrong.

How do you pick a Reliable Translator?

Translating academic papers frequently calls for the expertise of someone who is familiar with both the subject matter and the norms and guidelines of academic demands. It can be difficult to find a translator with these specialisations.

If you check the services offered by the academic translation service providers then it will be easy.

List of academic translation service providers

Kings of translation

Kings of translation is a Professional translation & interpretation in 120 different languages with 24/7 service. It offers efficient turnaround at affordable prices without compromising on quality, so you know you are receiving the highest quality results in the fastest time.

The specialist translation services are tailored to suit every business, organization and individual. At Kings of Translation, it can help you to expand your customer base onto a global level, by translating your content so it reflects your key message and resonates with your target customer.

Official Website: Click here

Cost starts form : $19 / per page

The Spanish Group is an internationally recognized certified translation service. It offers unmatched linguistic accuracy, economical efficiency, and cutting-edge efficacy. This offers services in Over 90 Languages. It provides academic translation services like

  • University Research
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Academic Journals
  • Academic Textbooks and Workbooks
  • General Educational Material
  • Essays and Articles
  • Medical and Scientific Publications

For people and businesses all over the world, it provides professional translation services that are accurate, timely, and of the highest calibre. It also promises that any translation you need will be delivered on time.

Official Website: Click here

Wiley Editing Services

Wiley editing service is also a leading editing and academic translation service. The purpose is to support researchers in achieving their publishing objectives, with an emphasis on article preparation and promotion assistance.

Since 2013, Wiley Editing Services has assisted researchers, whether it is by saving them valuable time, improving their chances of acceptance, or broadening the impact of their published study.

The academic translation service gives you a translated paper that accurately and clearly expresses your research in English, enabling you to confidently submit your publication.

It matches you with an accomplished academic translator who is knowledgeable about your field of study. They will deliver a top-notch translated paper by the deadline with a complete understanding of the terminology used in your industry.

It provides services like

  • Simplified Chinese to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Portuguese to English

It also has translators for Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, and Arabic. You can contact Wiley’s editing service for information and pricing.

Official Website: Click here

AJE translation services

AJE translation service is designed to help you create a manuscript that is ready for publication. it pairs your work with translators who are authorities in your field of study so they can faithfully translate any terms unique to that topic.

Your essay will be identical to essays produced by English-speaking natives when it is returned to you.

An AJE Editing Certificate is available for all finished manuscripts that are submitted for our Premium Translation service.

Unlimited free revisions of your English material are included with Premium Translation, as is one additional free translation of up to 1500 new words.

Official website: Click here

Editage Translation Services

Editage Translation Services will support you until you are successfully published, whether you are a student or an accomplished researcher.

All of your work, including research manuscripts, abstracts, theses, novels, and letters, is catered to by our services. You may always choose from a wide choice of services.

Some of the key highlights of the Editage translation service are

  • Translations are done by a bilingual subject matter expert
  • 700+ experts with precise translation skills
  • A 4-step translation and review process to deliver perfection

For all of your academic translation requirements, Editage offers you a special synergy of cutting-edge technology, highly qualified language specialists, and multi-layered quality processes, ensuring that your study receives the success it merits.

Whatever you may need, our team of professionals is here to make sure that your document is not only translated but also handled in a way that it keeps its quality and core.

Official website: Click here

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Atraido Translation Solution Pvt. Ltd

Atraido Translation Solution is incredibly passionate about offering expert translation services to both people who need a document translated and verified as well as to organisations that want to grow internationally. it consistently offers the highest quality services at a very reasonable price.

It will make every effort to offer you the services you need at a very affordable price, whether it be translating your personal or academic documents or completely localising your website for a new target market.

Official website: Click here (if offers 10% off for new customers)

Milestone Localization Private Limited

At Milestone, it has more than 25 years of international business expertise. It is aware of the effects that linguistic quirks and cultural conventions can have on business communications.

The team is dedicated to guiding you through new markets and seeing you thrive.

In order to ensure that our translation services are of the highest calibre and that they also consider the context and “meaning behind the meaning” of words,

They collaborated with experienced translators and subject matter experts across a wide range of disciplines.

Official website: Click here

Educational Perspectives

For official usage by universities, companies, licencing boards, immigration agencies, and other institutions, Educational Perspectives creates ATA certified translations in a variety of language combinations.

The quick, effective, and convenient EP translation services also bring convenience and dependability. The volume and type of text on each page affect how much a translation will cost.

It provides:

  • Free translation price quotes
  • Translations in approximately 5 working days upon receipt of documents and fee
  • ATA certified translations

Official website: Click here

Final words

Academic Translation services are necessary for good academic writing. If you want to publish your paper in a reputed journal then you need to take the help of this.

Let us know which Academic Translation service you have used so far and get the best service.

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