Scopus discontinued list 2022 January

Scopus discontinued list 2022 January

In a recent notification, Scopus has updated its discontinued list for the year 2022. in this article, we will discuss the Scopus discontinued list 2022 January.

Scopus discontinued list 2022 January

Reason for removal of Journals in January 2022.

In January 2022 Scopus has removed 5 journals from its indexing. All these journals are removed due to the “Publication concern”. This means the journals which have been removed from the Indexing may not have adopted the right ethics of publication. These journals may publish low-quality papers which violated their publication terms and conditions.

Here is the Scopus discontinued list 2022 January

Journal NameISSN
American Journal of Translational Research1943-8141
International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications2008-6822
Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies1305-578X
Library Philosophy and Practice 1522-0222

Source: Scopus

While checking the journal in the list of Scopus Discontinued list you also need to check the Year, Volume, Issue, and Page range for the journal got discontinued.

These four factors are also important while checking the journal that got discontinued from the Scopus Indexing.

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New Journals Indexed in Scopus On Jan 2022

In Jan 2022 Scopus also included 117 Journals in its database and it will be called Scopus indexed journals.

Journal NameP-ISSNE-ISSNDate of Acceptance
Partial Differential Equations and Applications2662296326622971Jan-2022
Journal of Applied and Computational Topology2367172623671734Jan-2022
Cleaner Environmental Systems26667894Jan-2022
Asian Association of Open Universities Journal1858343124146994Jan-2022
Public Administration and Policy172726452517679XJan-2022
International Journal of Community and Social Development2516602625166034Jan-2022
Monash Bioethics Review1321275318366716Jan-2022
International Journal of Educational Methodology24699632Jan-2022
Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics26668181Jan-2022
Sexuality, Gender and Policy26395355Jan-2022
Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research138969032542839XJan-2022
Researches in Mathematics2664499126645009Jan-2022
World Journal of Chemical Education2375166523751657Jan-2022
Historia Scholastica180449132336680XJan-2022
Town and Regional Planning1012280X24150495Jan-2022
Information Geometry2511249XJan-2022
Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education22460918Jan-2022
Asian Journal of Business Ethics2210672322106731Jan-2022
International Journal of Cardiovascular Sciences2359480223595647Jan-2022
Infectious Microbes and Diseases2096724126415917Jan-2022
Free Neuropathology26994445Jan-2022
Journal of Medical Cases1923415519234163Jan-2022
Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics21947791Jan-2022
Antimicrobial Stewardship and Healthcare Epidemiology2732494XJan-2022
Nature Aging26628465Jan-2022
Biophysics Reports23643420Jan-2022
Journal of Applied Bioanalysis2405710XJan-2022
Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal22552863Jan-2022
ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare2691195726378051Jan-2022
Current Research in Insect Science26665158Jan-2022
Computers in Human Behavior Reports24519588Jan-2022
Advances in Laboratory Medicine2628491XJan-2022
Sports Medicine: Research and Practice2223252425879014Jan-2022
Russian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery0236279124108685Jan-2022
Rossijskij Osteopaticeskij Zurnal22200975Jan-2022
Ambulatornaya Khirurgiya2712874127822591Jan-2022
ACS Food Science and Technology26921944Jan-2022
Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Policiais2178001323186917Jan-2022
Juridicas CUC1692303023897716Jan-2022
Results in Optics26669501Jan-2022
Pravnehistoricke Studie007949292464689XJan-2022
Annales de la Faculte de Droit d?Istanbul0578974526874113Jan-2022
Indian Journal of Law and Justice09763570Jan-2022
Pakistan Journal of Criminology2074273822226648Jan-2022
Lex Scientia Law Review2598967725989685Jan-2022
Kutafin Law Review2713052527130533Jan-2022
Journal of Associated Medical Sciences25396056Jan-2022
European Oral Research2630615826512823Jan-2022
Solov’evskie Issledovania20769210Jan-2022
Journal for Religion, Film and Media2414020126173697Jan-2022
Methods in Psychology25902601Jan-2022
Translational Issues in Psychological Science2332213623322179Jan-2022
Current Research in Behavioral Sciences26665182Jan-2022
Neuro-Oncology Advances26322498Jan-2022
Bulletin of Botanical Research16735102Jan-2022
Endowment Studies2468595X24685968Jan-2022
Blockchain in Healthcare Today25738240Jan-2022
Chinese Journal of Nursing Education16729234Jan-2022
Programme Grants for Applied Research2050432220504330Jan-2022
AIMS Public Health23278994Jan-2022
World Sustainable Development Outlook17488133Jan-2022
International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting2577767XJan-2022
Infarma – Pharmaceutical Sciences0104021923189312Jan-2022
China Journal of Economics20957254Jan-2022
Applied Microscopy2287512322874445Jan-2022
Engineering Materials1612131718681212Jan-2022
Endocrine and Metabolic Science26663961Jan-2022
Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae10059903Jan-2022
Nature Computational Science26628457Jan-2022
Molecular Biomedicine26628651Jan-2022
Verfassung und Recht in Ubersee05067286Jan-2022
Archiwum Filozofii Prawa i Filozofii Spolecznej20823304Jan-2022
Acta Epileptologica25244434Jan-2022
Police Journal0032258X17405599Jan-2022
Public Law003335652754219XJan-2022
BBA Advances26671603Jan-2022
Current Research in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery25902571Jan-2022
Advances in Neurotoxicology24687480Jan-2022
China Biotechnology16718135Jan-2022
Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science2363616523636173Jan-2022
Collingwood and British Idealism Studies1744941320513011Jan-2022
Journal of Wildlife and Biodiversity25883526Jan-2022
Nordic Social Work Research2156857X21568588Jan-2022
Wellbeing, Space and Society26665581Jan-2022
Computers and Education: Artificial Intelligence2666920XJan-2022
Digital Geography and Society26663783Jan-2022
Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana1980858522379843Jan-2022
Modern Pediatrics. Ukraine2663755327066134Jan-2022
Water Resources Protection10046933Jan-2022
Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology0149900919381395Jan-2022
Review of Computer Engineering Research2412428124109142Jan-2022
Thrombosis Update26665727Jan-2022
Surgery Open Science25898450Jan-2022
Resuscitation Plus26665204Jan-2022
Current Research in Environmental Sustainability26660490Jan-2022
Phytomedicine Plus26670313Jan-2022
Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights26669579Jan-2022
Journal of Affective Disorders Reports26669153Jan-2022
Intelligence-Based Medicine26665212Jan-2022
Biomarkers in Neuropsychiatry26661446Jan-2022
AACE Clinical Case Reports23760605Jan-2022
Applied Computing and Geosciences25901974Jan-2022
Journal of Migration and Health26666235Jan-2022
Annals of Critical Care172698061818474XJan-2022
Frontiers in Climate26249553Jan-2022
Extreme Medicine2306632627132773Jan-2022
P.A. Herzen Journal of Oncology2305218X23094745Jan-2022
International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing2074907420749082Jan-2022
Conference on Machine Translation27680983Jan-2022
CCF Transactions on High Performance Computing25244930Jan-2022
Chinese Journal of Intelligent Science and Technology20966652Jan-2022
Sibirskij Zurnal Kliniceskoj i Eksperimental?noj Mediciny271329272713265XJan-2022

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Final words

To improve the Journal publication quality, the reputed Indexing platform Scopus is continuously improving its database. It is adding some journals and removing some journals continuously. As a researcher, you need to check other parameters also apart from Scopus indexing status to select the journal for the paper publication. This is all about the Scopus discontinued list 2022 January.

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