WISE Post-Doctoral Fellowship (WISE-PDF)
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WISE Post-Doctoral Fellowship (WISE-PDF)

A new initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), India the WISE Post-Doctoral Fellowship (WISE-PDF), aims to give women scientists and technologists between the ages of 27 and 60 the chance to pursue careers as bench-level researchers in the basic and applied sciences.

WISE Post-Doctoral Fellowship (WISE-PDF)

The program’s aim is to encourage women who desire to pursue a PhD in one of five basic or applied science fields.

Scientific Disciplines:

(1) Physical & Mathematical Sciences

(2) Chemical Sciences

(3) Life Sciences

(4) Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

(5) Engineering & Technology

Who is eligible?

Employment: WISE-PDF candidates who are currently employed on a regular basis are ineligible. However, women scientists who are on the job in academia or research may apply to the programme; however, if the WISE-PDF project is approved, they must leave their current position. Any project’s research staff positions, post-doctoral fellow positions, research associate positions, etc., will be regarded as temporary assignments.

Age: The minimum and maximum eligibility ages are 27 and 60, respectively. Younger than 27-year-old female scientists are ineligible.

Educational qualification: Women scientists with a Ph.D. in basic or applied science, or a degree equivalent such as an MD, MS, MDS, etc., are eligible for WISE-PDF.

Break in Career: Break in career is not mandatory to apply for WISE-PDF, however, women who have a break are also encouraged to apply for this program.

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Fellowship amount

The programme offers a monthly fellowship of Rs. 55,000 for the candidate and an annual research grant of Rs. 2.0 lakh, and up to Rs. 3.0 lakh for the cost of small equipment, in addition to institutional overhead costs and house rent allowances in accordance with DST regulations.

Project Duration: 3 years (maximum)

When to apply: The WISE-PDF programme is open throughout the year for new proposal submissions.

How to apply?

You can apply through: https://online-wosa.gov.in/

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