Harvard University Rowland Fellows Program 2024
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Harvard University Rowland Fellows Program 2024

The Rowland Institute at Harvard is always looking for the brightest young experimenters in all areas of engineering and science. Here we will discuss the latest notification i.e Harvard University Rowland Fellows Program 2024. The Rowland Fellowship offers the chance to launch a stand-alone program in Cambridge, Massachusetts’ vibrant intellectual community. Before beginning their Fellowship period, Fellows must have successfully completed their doctoral degree.

Harvard University Rowland Fellows Program 2024

About the Institute and fellows Program

The Rowland Institute of Science was established by Edwin Land in 1982 to support innovative, high-risk research. With the goal of fostering the early careers of experimental scientists and engineers, we joined Harvard University in 2002 and later changed our name to the Rowland Institute at Harvard. In the tradition of our founders, we are especially interested in assisting young academics who have the potential to start a ground breaking research programme in their field of study. Former Rowland Fellows have gone on to have very prosperous careers, mostly in academia but also in business, government, and even as startup.

The atmosphere offered by the Rowland Fellowship is adaptable and supportive of the pursuit of novel research. Equipment, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate students, and administrative costs are covered by the Fellowship. Rowland Fellows can collaborate with staff engineers and scientists to design and build innovative experimental setups. At locations across Harvard University and the Institute, shared research equipment is accessible. Our 2024 Rowland Fellows will begin their fellowships between September and December of that year. The fellowship can last up to five years and has a flexible start date.


  • Candidates should either be in the process of earning their PhDs or have already done so after August 1, 2022.
  • A Ph.D. is required by the time you start your fellowship at the Rowland, but it is very common that applicants do not yet have their Ph.D. at the time of the selection process.
  • In any area of science or engineering, such as physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, neuroscience, etc., your planned research must have an experimental focus. Research done by current and former Fellows can be used as a guide, but should not be seen as restricted because the programme welcomes applications from such a wide range of subjects! Based on the finest science that was being submitted at the time of submission, we select Fellows.
  • Candidates can apply from any accredited academic institution whether in the United States or internationally.
  • Rowland Fellow appointments are open to both US citizens and non-citizens. If you need help with the visa application, the experts at Harvard University and the Rowland Institute can help.


2024 Rowland Fellowships:

The application cycle is open as of May 9, 2023.

Applications are due August 18, 2023: Applicants apply through the link below, and submit the following materials:

  • Statement of Research (three page limit)
  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • contact information for three or four references

Mid-October 2023: Candidates are contacted to interview. 

Mid-November 2023: Finalists come to the Institute to

  • Present their past and proposed work in a short symposium-style talk
  • Interview with staff and current Rowland Fellows

December 2023: Selection decisions are made and finalists are informed


  • Access to Harvard University’s top-notch facilities and resources, a renowned institution for academic success.
  • exposure to cutting-edge research initiatives and the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking findings.
  • Possibility of presenting research findings at conferences and publishing study results in esteemed academic journals.
  • 2024 Rowland Fellows will begin their fellowships between September and December of that year. The fellowship can last up to five years and has a flexible start date. Rowland Fellows get stipends starting at $90,000 annually.

Contact Information     

Dr. Michael M. Burns

Rowland Fellows Program, Rowland Institute at Harvard

100 Edwin H. Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

How to apply?

Click here to apply

Final words

Harvard University Rowland Fellows Program 2024 is one the best fellowship program in the United States. If you are eligible then you must apply for the Harvard University Rowland Fellows Program 2024.

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