how to present a paper in seminar
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How to present a paper in seminar 5 must things to do

Are you preparing to present a research paper in the seminar then this article will guide you on how to present a paper in seminar 5 must things to do

How to present a paper in seminar.

Seminars and conference are the best places to the present your ideas and proposed research, networking among new people form a similar domain. As it’s an important place most students and scholars fail to utilize this platform effectively.

What is the seminar presentation is all about.

Seminar is a discussion forum on a pre defined topic where people form similar expertise or domain are suppose to present a topic in front of a audience.

There may be various kind of seminars like educational, academic seminars, Business or marketing seminars, Product training or demonstration seminars etc .

In this article we will discuss the Academic seminars where the students, research scholars, professors and academicians are the part of the seminars.

Finding the right seminar

If you are planning to attend any seminar in the near future then you must know the topic for discussion in the seminar and it must match your research interest.

For example, if you are computer science(CS) scholar or student then you need to find out the seminars whose topic of discussion will be on CS nither be on marketing.

If you have any interest on marketing topic being a scholar or student on CS then it’s a different mater.

So it’s very important to find the seminar of the right topic.

How to prepare the topic or paper?

After finding the appropriate seminar, now it’s time to prepare the research paper to present.

It’s always advisable to take help from your Department head, Professor, Guide or lectures to choose a topic.

After have a list of sholisted topic make a team of 2 to 5 people and assign the task to research on the same topic and and try to find out all the latest research article present on it.

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How to set up a Google Scholar account?

Choose the best topic from of the shortlisted topics based on the less paper available and the opportunity to write a paper.

After choosing the topic it’s time to work on the topic and research with your group under the guidance of your guide. 

Remember here: Always consult your guide or professor to prepare the paper because he/she has more experience, knowledge and understanding of the topic than yours.

All seminar organizers have a predefined format of the paper. Download the sample paper and prepare accordingly.

How to present a paper in seminar 5 must things to do

After making a the paper you must check the plagiarism for the paper.

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Preparing the Presentation for seminar .

After preparing the paper, submit the paper/abstract to the organizer for the review. Once it got accepted start preparing for the presentation on the day of the seminar.

So here are some of the tips for you.

  1. Choose a good theme for the PPT presentation.
  2. Make a schedule for the presentation according to your topic.
  3. Remember that more than one person form your group can present the paper
  4. Make the slides very selective and do not copy all content form the paper.
  5. All PPT slides must contain only reference points to explain.
  6. Do not put many PPTs in the presentation.
  7. Create an good audience-friendly slides and visual aids
  8. Divide the number of slides among the team mates to present.

How to prepare yourself before the seminar

As we have discussed in the above point regarding finding the right seminar, preparing the paper/topic, prepare the slides or the visuals for the seminar. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the seminar. So how to do that?

  • Always wear to look professional during the presentation. If you’re a boy or girl, professional look always matters.
  • Practice the presentation infront of your team or friends.
  • Reach the venue on time and complete all registration formalities.
  • Check the schedule of your presentation.
  • Note the time duration for your presentation.
  • Must have a backup file for yourself in pen drive/DVD or keep a file on your email

Be confident about what you are going to present. Here most people think that the audience knows better than him/her. So they get nervous before the presentation.

Believe us ! it’s absolutely fine if you are repeating something which the audience already knows.

Prepare for all the possible questions and answers that you may face after the presentation. The question may come from the audience, experts, session chair or the media personnel present during the seminar.

What to do during seminar presentation?

Many of us have the stage fear and it’s absolutely normal for all of us but if you are a good spaeaker or confidence about your topic which is very new and intresting for the audience then 50 percent of your work is done.

How to present a paper in seminar 5 must things to do

Introduce yourself and your team members.

Give a thank you message to the Organizer and the team for the oppertuinity given.

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You need to focus to engage your audience during your presentation by asking some question, by knowing their interests and achievements.

You can also request someone from the audience to join as you to explain your example.

Modulate your voice during the presentation for a perfect speech.

Keep in mind the volume if you are talking over a sound system while presentation.

Be always in the right place or position of the stage to present where every one can watch you.               

Must say “thank you” at the end of the presentation to every one.

So this all about the How to present a paper in seminar. Comment below if you would like to suggest something