Research topics in marketing for PhD

Research topics in Marketing for PhD

If you are searching for good research topics for your PhD. in Marketing then this article will guide you to find the best Research topics in marketing for PhD

Research topics in marketing for PhD

Marketing management is one of the best-preferred topics for a Ph.D. in Management. Every year thousands of applicants want to peruse a Ph.D. in Marketing Management. Marketing is a topic that changes every time and it depends upon various aspect as geopolitical issues, new technology, consumer behavior, and consumer perception. production diversification etc.

In this article, we will discuss some of the trending topics for the Ph.D. in Marketing.

This will also make you understand the process to find some tips and tricks from someone who has a good amount of experience.

Here are some of the latest and trending topics.

List of research topics in Marketing Management

  • Creation of a global luxury brand.
  • Global versus local marketing strategy.
  • Global customer management.
  • The strategy of Neuromarketing.
  • Effectiveness of business outsourcing.
  • Measuring Customer satisfaction.
  • Effective branding using social media and digital marketing.
  • social media on customer purchasing choices.
  • Emotions and consumer decision-making.
  • Neuroscience and consumer emotions.
  • Consumption-based affect regulation.
  • Engineering of feelings and emotions in the marketplace.
  • Emotion and consumption experiences.
  • The emotional impact of the marketing mix (pricing, product, distribution, communication).
  • Emotions and social media.
  • The Emotions and branding.
  • Emotions and marketing effectiveness.
  • Emotions and consumer happiness and well-being.
  • Big data of emotion in the marketplace.
  • Consumer psychology and judgment and decision-making.
  • Emotional and cognitive factors influence consumer judgments and decision-making.
  • Cultural variations in judgment and decision behavior.
  • Consumer adoption of technology products, and strategies for multi-sided platforms.
  • long-term effects of marketing actions and optimal allocation of marketing budgets.
  • Marketing and strategy problems in digital marketing and social media.

Many Ph.D. students appear to start their project with over-ambitious topics but the important thing is, to keep the topic to the point and resume to one central research question.

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Before taking the decision to finalize one topic one must start working on different topics and make sure that such a topic is new and no one else worked on it.

So here are some of the topics you can work on to find a good topic for your Ph.D.

Comment below if there are any current Research topics in marketing for Ph.D.