DFG Research Fellowship all thing you need to know

DFG Research Fellowship all thing you need to know

Are you looking for the DFG Research Fellowship and want to apply for it for your research work, then this article will provide DFG Research Fellowship all thing you need to know.

DFG funding program was founded in 1952 with the aim of “stimulating funding for those disciplines in which Germany is severely lagging behind its international competitors or which otherwise appear particularly important.”

According to DFG’s concept of its role as a self-governing organization, any eligible researcher may submit a funding proposal at any time and on any research topic. So the DFG does not have specific topics for the proposal. It promotes the research primarily which is known as the responsive mode

DFG Research Fellowships are proposed to help the researchers having early careers. This fellowship provided to conduct the research activity on a defined project at the location other than Germany by the researcher.

This helps the researchers to use it as an opportunity to familiarize themselves with new research methods or to bring a large project to a conclusion.

Purpose of the DFG Research Fellowships

The major purpose of the fellowship is to support and empower the researchers at an early stage of their scientific career. This fellowship provides an opportunity to carry out a clearly defined research project at a place of their choice abroad or to acquaint themselves with new scientific research methods.

Three level of DFG’s funding strategy

First level: The DFG’s funding decisions are based primarily on scientific merit which means that the organization is making a fundamental strategic decision during the first level.

This emphasizes the acceptance of scientific quality and rejects the proposal if not satisfies.

Second level: The DFG pursues some of the following cross-cutting aims to

  • Strengthen interdisciplinary research and international cooperation between researchers;
  • Provide early-career support;
  • Promote equality between men and women in research;
  • Achieve networking beyond the institutional boundaries of the scientific system.

The main criteria is always been the DFG’s insistence on scientific quality, with other aspects being of secondary consideration.

Third level: DFG’s remit and limits on its funding strategy and strategic activities centre on in this level where the discipline-specific funding initiatives. 

Who can apply DFG Research Fellowships

Eligibility criteria for the applying of the DFG Research Fellowships

  • All German researchers from all disciplines who have successfully completed their academic qualifications (doctorate)
  • All International researchers from all disciplines who have completed their scientific training (doctorate)

Along with that the researchers must have been the resident in Germany for several years and have completed at least three years of scientific work as a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher in the German research system and state that they wish to continue to pursue their research in Germany in the future.

So according to the eligibility criteria, one must satisfy the above terms and conditions.

DFG fellowship calculator

You can use this calculator to determine how much funding you are likely to be awarded if you your proposal accepted https://www.dfg.de/en/research_funding/programmes/individual/research_fellowships/calculator/index.jsp#results

Some of the following 2 basic question you need to answer

  • Where will you take up your fellowship?
  • Are you married?

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What is the funding Duration?

The research fellowships are granted for a minimum of 3 months and maximum up to 24 months or 2 years.

It also can be applicable for renewal proposal if it’s closely related to an exceptional case and which will be maximum for one year.

Scope of Funding

  • It’s applicable with Basic fellowship which is around €1,750(as per 1st Jan 2015)
  • Allowance for direct project costs
  • Foreign allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Additional publication costs
  • Additional project expenses
  • Offsetting of independent income and third-party contributions

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When to Submit the Proposal?

There is no specific deadline for the proposal submission. If you are eligible according to the above mentioned criteria you can apply for it at any time.

How to submit?

Proposals must be submitted electronically. The online form can be accessed at https://elan.dfg.de/en

Contact Information for any help

by e-mail:  Verfahren-Nachwuchs@dfg.de

Contact person and numbers

DFG Research Fellowship all thing you need to know. If you have any query regarding DFG Research Fellowship you can comment below or email to us.