How to publish in Scopus indexed journal
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How to publish in Scopus indexed journal

Are you looking to publish your paper in a Scopus indexed journal then here we will guide you through the process of how to publish in Scopus indexed journal.

How to publish in Scopus indexed journal.

Before getting to the details lets us understand some of the important points.

What is the Scopus index?

Scopus is one of the most advanced, largest abstract and citation databases of peer-reviewed journals, books, conference proceedings, and trade publications.

It emphasized the indexing of journal which has a high value the indexed journals obtain higher academic reputation globally.

What is a Scopus indexed journal?

As we have discussed previously it is one of the largest databases of high-quality journals and periodicals so it indexed journals that have high quality in academic publishing. Journals which got listed in the Scopus master list are known as Scopus-indexed journals.

How to check Scopus indexed journals?

Scopus has a list of indexed journals and as a user, you can easily find the right journal according to your topic of interest. It has multiple numbers of journals for a similar subject area and domain.

You can search the journal as per the following.

  • Subject area
  • Title of journal
  • Publisher
  • ISSN
How to publish in Scopus indexed journal

If you have any one of the above data you can easily search. If you are still unable to find the right journal according to your topic then you may choose the “Subject area” and choose the select form “Enter subject area

How to publish in Scopus indexed journal

.Must remember that If you find any journal which claims to be indexed in Scopus then you can enter the ISSN or Title of the journal in the above search option and check in the list.

Check the journal at

Procedure to publish in Scopus indexed journal

As we know Scopus is an Indexing platform for highly ranked journals so the procedure to get published in any Scopus indexed journal needs.

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Choose the right journal.

As we have discussed Scopus has many journals indexed in its database. So choose your journal from the Journal search. Go to the home page of the journal and check the information.

You can choose the Open access journal or Close access journal according to your need. Basically, Open access journal is the paid journals and as an author/co-author, you need to pay the Article processing charges to the journal if your paper gets selected.

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Prepare the paper

After choosing the right journal now you need to prepare your paper according to the format of the journal. You can also take help from the sample paper which is available on the Journal’s home page.

Read carefully all the terms and conditions of the journal before submitting the paper.

Check all past issues and the date of the upcoming issue. Check the upcoming issue date whether it matches your requirement or not.

For example: If my university’s submission date is March 2019 then I must publish the paper before March 2019. If the upcoming issue will come out in April or May 2019 where my paper gets selected then I may face the problem.

Submit the paper

After selecting the journal now it’s time to submit the paper according to the submission process.

Most of the Journal follows the online submission process where you need to create an online account with your email and some basic contact information.

While submitting you need to take care of all the information in the form.

After submission, you may get a confirmation for the journal publisher in your email. So check your email for the confirmation message. If not you cannot find it, contact the editor.

Some journal also accepts the paper for review through email. You can find the email for submission on the journal’s website.

Prepublication notification

Every journal takes min 5 to 30 days for the initial notification. Sometimes it may extend up to 60 days due to over-submission of papers.

Generally, the review process completes within 20 to 60 days from the day of submission. After that, you may receive the paper acceptance or rejection letter from the editor.

You may also get the letter for re-submission after the modification mentioned by the editorial board.

Copyright submission.

It’s most important for any journal. As an author, you need to transfer the copyright to the journal. The different journal has different copyright format. So you need to read carefully the copyright agreement before signing it and return to the editor.

If the journal has the Article processing charge then you need to pay it after getting the acceptance letter only and send the payment proof to the editor along with the copyright form.

Publication confirmation

After all the process completes the paper gets published and you may get a publication notification of your paper. All journals have a free review period if any mistake in the publication of your paper you may contact the editor.

Some journals have a procedure to get edited papers verified by the author before publication.

So this is all about How to publish in Scopus indexed journal..