IEEE student membership

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IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is one of the most reputed and prestigious organizations in the world. It offers various memberships and services. This article will guide you to get the IEEE student membership. We will discuss the IEEE student membership benefits, membership fees and IEEE membership cards.

A small group of Electrical engineering professors in New York started the American Institute of Electrical Engineers or popularly known as AIEE in 1884. This organization was formed to support the professionals, Scientists, Engineering, and Research Scholars in their field. Latter IEEE was founded on 1st Jan. 1963 with the merger of AIEE and IRE. You can read the  History of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE)

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IEEE student membership benefits

IEEE Student membership has many benefits.

Here are some of the most important benefits one could get.

Networking with technology professionals

Each IEEE student member can have access to various conferences, local meetings, and exclusive events where they can meet new people and professionals from various domains.

You can access the IEEE collaboratec which is a multi-functional platform for professionals and researchers globally.

You can Participation in activities Sections and Chapters, through meetings with members and business professionals to discuss technical and professional issues concerning race. 

Highlighting your accomplishments

If you like to succeed you need to have a network with successful people. IEEE provides an excellent opportunity to network with professionals.

You can connect and establish a professional connection and showcase your accomplishments.

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IEEE conferences, meetings, and local chapter activities are the best place for highlighting your accomplishments.

If you work on a particular project you can create a group, collaborate and start working together.

People connect with each other and discuss common topics and learn from each other.

IEEE events and activities throughout the world

IEEE has various conferences, workshops and events across the globe. As a member, you can get exclusive information according to your interest and a special discount for registration.

IEEE could be a great place for you if you like to explore the world and attend various conferences and events.

Millions of IEEE members across the globe participate in various academic and research conferences every day.

IEEE student membership fee

Here are the IEEE student membership fees according to the reason.

United States: $32(full year) , $16(half year)

Canada (incl. GST): $33(full year) , $16.80(half year)

European Union/EFTA: $27(full year) , $13.50(half year)

Africa, Europe3, Middle East: $27(full year), $13.50(half year)

Latin America: $27(full year) , $13.50(half year)

Asia, Pacific: $27(full year), $13.50(half year)

The half-year membership is for new members only. The IEEE membership year runs from 1st January through 31st December.  You can check all membership dues:

IEEE membership card

IEEE provides a membership card to all its members. After making the payment and getting the confirmation you can download the membership card.

Once you sign in hover over your name and select “My Account”. Follow the below steps to print your card:

  1. Under Manage your IEEE Purchase Information, select Membership and Subscription History.
  2. Select the link to Print Your Membership Card, located on the right-hand side of the page.

Final Words

This is all about the IEEE student membership. It’s very beneficial if you choose the full-year IEEE membership