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IEEE full form || What does IEEE stand for

Are you searching for what does IEEE stand for? So let’s start today’s topic IEEE full form. Here we will see details about IEEE and its functions.

IEEE full form and what does IIEE stand for

If you are a researcher or started some research activity then you might hear about IEEE from your friends, guide, Professors, or maybe through any medium.

But do you know, what does IEEE stand for? What is the work of IEEE and how could you get lots of benefits from IEEE? Here we will discuss all the details of IEEE

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The world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology is popularly known as IEEE and its full form is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, pronounced Eye-triple-E

History of IEEE

IEEE founded in 1884 by a small group of electrical professors in New York and named as American Institute of Electrical Engineers or popularly know as AIEE.

The AIEE was formed to support professionals scientists, engineers and scholars in their growing field.

In October 1884 AIEE started its journey and had its first technical meeting in Philadelphia, the USA where many leaders have participated along with the finding president Norvin Green of Western Union.

Institute of Radio Engineers(IRE) came into the picture in 1932 which was devoted to radio basically and then broadly to electronics.  

The present IEEE founded on 1st Jan. 1963 with the merger of AIEE and the IRE and had about 150,000 members during this.

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How you could be benefited?

As we have explained to you that it’s the largest Professional Association of Technical Professionals with more than 423,000 members in over 160 countries around the world so you can also be a part of this organization and become a member.

There are various membership opportunity is present.

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So we hope this article IEEE full form and what does IIEE stand for has been very very informative. Are you a member of IEEE? then do comment below and what benefits you are getting as a member of IEEE. is going to help you all in your research career so do Subscribe to your email for notification and share this post among your friends.


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