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  • Top journal indexing databases

    Top journal indexing databases

    If you are looking to find a good journal then you might have heard of Indexed journals. Here we will discuss the Top journal indexing databases that exist to help researchers to find a good journal. Top journal indexing databases Why journal indexing is important? We all know there are thousands of international journals that exist in the world. According to the ISSN The ISSN Network has assigned more than 2.5 million ISSNs so far. The database is constantly updated by the ISSN Network. It increases by approximately 50,000 to 70,000 ISSNs per year, reflecting an equivalent number of records and identified publications. Nearly 130,000 corrections and modifications are made…

  • How to know if a journal is indexed 

    How to know if a journal is indexed

    If you are about to publish a paper in a journal and trying to check whether the journal is indexed or not then this article is all about How to know if a journal is indexed. How to know if a journal is indexed? What is indexing? Indexing of any journal reflects the quality of the journal which helps to choose the best journal for the paper. Though there are several factors involved to check the quality of the journal, Indexing plays an important role to select the best journal. Benefits of journal indexing Indexing is basically a list or database of journals by a Journal Indexing agency or organization…