How to know if a journal is indexed 
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How to know if a journal is indexed

If you are about to publish a paper in a journal and trying to check whether the journal is indexed or not then this article is all about How to know if a journal is indexed.

How to know if a journal is indexed?

What is indexing?

Indexing of any journal reflects the quality of the journal which helps to choose the best journal for the paper.

Though there are several factors involved to check the quality of the journal, Indexing plays an important role to select the best journal.

Benefits of journal indexing

Indexing is basically a list or database of journals by a Journal Indexing agency or organization which selects the journal after checking various parameters and aspects according to their rules and regulations.

How does the author gets benefits from Indexing?

As we have discussed there are many agencies and organizations which select the journal to keep in their list called Indexing of journal.

The Indexing of any journal helps to have larger visibility to the other researchers and users.

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How to know if a journal is indexed? The best procedure.

  • Every journal has a special menu as “Indexing” where the publisher displayed all the journal’s indexed information. As a user, you need to check the Indexing of the journal properly.
  • You need to open the organization’s or the agency’s website and check the “ Master journal list “ or search in the “Search option”
  • Some organization has their own search option where you need to enter the ISSN or the Journal’s Title.
  • The E-ISSN or P-ISSN can be searched here to see the exact result.

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Our Recommendations

Every journal indexing platforms are an excellent source of information to find the best journal and must be referred by scholars and researchers.

Thousand of journals listed in these journal indexing platforms could help you to find the best journal. So we hope you got the information about How to know if a journal is indexed. Which Journal Indexing do you prefer to use please let us know in the comment section why?