How to publish in ABDC journal

How to publish in ABDC journal?

We all know that publishing a research paper is important for a researcher’s career. To publish your research paper you need to find a good journal. Today we will discuss How to publish in ABDC journal?

How to publish in ABDC journal?

ABDC Full form

The full form of ABDC is Australian Business Deans Council.

What is ABDC journal?

ABDC is considered as a good indexing and it indexes only high-quality journals. It fosters the national and global impact of Australian business education and research. ABDC is the collective voice of all Australian university business schools.

ABDC’s role is to ensure that those with political, social, cultural and economic influence appreciate and support how business education contributes to Australia’s future.

ABDC has a unique indexing platform and publishes the list of journals under the ABDC Journal Quality List. The journals get indexed after qualifying several parameters. In 2018 the ABDC appointed Australian and international experts to review the methodology for the ABDC Journal Quality List.

Criteria of ABDC Journal Quality List

The following criteria must be met by each journal in the ABDC Journal Quality List.

A journal must:

  • Have reached the necessary quality threshold level, as determined by the expert panel using globally accepted, externally validated journal ranking lists, journal citation metrics and expert peer review
  • Adhere to general scholarly principles, including scholarly peer review
  • Be relevant to the discipline areas of the ABDC, which include management, accounting, economics, information systems, business and taxation law and other agreed Fields of Research (FoRs)
  • Not be a predatory journal.

Currently ABDC has 6 Journal rating as follows.

  • B
  • C
  • A
  • A*
  • UNE
  • UNE*

The 2019 List endorses 2,682 journal entries with the following classifications:

  • A* 7.41% (199)
  • A 24.27% (651)
  • B 31.69% (850)
  • C 36.61% (982)

In 2013 an independent chair, discipline-specific panel chairs and panel members undertook an extensive review of the ABDC Journal Quality List.  This review was supported by public submissions, qualitative and quantitative data assessment, public exposure feedback and international expert consultation. 

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ABDC field of research code

Currently, ABDC has 16 fields of research code to describe the topic of journals. 

Total 2679 Journal has been indexed (as per March 2021 data) Check the Website for the latest one

How to publish in ABDC journal?

  • To publish in an ABDC journal you need to find a journal listed in the ABDC Journal Quality List.
  • After finding the right journal based on your topic of research you need to go the home page of the journal and check the instruction of publication
  • Check the Call for paper and submit the paper
  • Wait for the review report to come
  • If selected you can proceed for the copyright transfer and other formalities as instructed the journal’s editor.

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ABDC journal list new

ABDC updating the list of journals the every year. After the verification of the journal by the ABDC Steering Group with their important input during the review process the ABDC list of journals finalized.

You find the ABDC journal list new here

Final words

ABDC has a list of 2679 high-quality journals. If you require publishing in an ABDC Journal then follow the instructions given in the post and proceed. This is all about How to publish in ABDC journal?

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