Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry Week 2023
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Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry Week 2023, Apply for funding

In a recent notification Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry Week 2023 has been announced. The main events will continue to be celebrated throughout November. But in a specific way, It will be celebrated from 9th to 11 November 2023. In the year 2023, the team has been decided as “chemistry making the world a better place”.

Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry Week 2023

About the Chemistry Week 2023 by Royal Society of Chemistry

As we all know the impact of chemistry on our society has been. If we talk about the different sectors like Healthcare Climate Environment wealth industry sustainability well-being education justice equality nutrition and alleviation of property the use of chemistry Has been playing a great role.

To celebrate the impact of chemistry on society the RCS will now be concentrating on the celebrations during chemistry week itself but we invite you to organize an activity at any time in November 2023 to celebrate the merit of ways that chemistry continues to make the world a better place to live.

The themes that include different topics but are not limited to

  • clean air/water
  • clean energies
  • sustainability
  • climate and environment
  • carriers in chemistry

As for the notification the RCS wants to support the outreach and public engagement Activities during the chemistry week in November 2023 RSC will help you to inspire the next generation to reach new audiences outside the chemical science community and celebrate the diversity of chemistry and people within the community.

Financial support

  • Up to 500 Euro for the Chemistry Week 2023 grant scheme
  • Up to 10000 Euro for the RSC Outreach fund.

Both funding streams are open to all, please follow the links above for details on eligibility criteria and to apply. Note that both grant streams are open only to UK and Republic of Ireland applicants for activity to take place within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Deadline to apply: 2nd Oct 2023.


  • This grant scheme is open to all in the UK and Republic of Ireland for activity taking place within the UK and Republic of Ireland. In the event of a high number of applications priority will be given to members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, registered ChemSocs and Teach Chemistry registered schools
  • Maximum grant amount £500
  • Grants are restricted to one per individual/group. Those wishing to apply for additional or larger grants should submit an application to the Outreach Fund
  • Applicants should not resubmit an unsuccessful application unless invited to do so
  • Applicants must be aged 18 years or over

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Criteria to apply

  • All applications will be judged on the following criteria and should clearly demonstrate that:
  • the project is themed around and supporting the topic of ‘Chemistry Making the World a Better Place’ – more information on this can be found here
  • the project has a significant aspect which is related to the chemical sciences
  • the project has a clearly identified target audience
  • the intended impact on the audience has been defined
  • projects are planned to take place during November 2023 – activity can extend outside of this window but we expect the main focus to be during November 2023

Link to apply: