The Royal Academy of Engineering offers Research Fellowships
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The Royal Academy of Engineering offers Research Fellowships

In a recent notification, the application now open for The Royal Academy of Engineering offers Research Fellowships. Early-career scholars from all around the world who received their PhD within the last four years are encouraged to apply this fellowship.The Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT) is responsible for funding the programme, which is available for five years. In order to be funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), research fellowships must be held at a UK university or higher education institution.

The Royal Academy of Engineering offers Research Fellowships

About the Royal Academy of Engineering offers Research Fellowships

Outstanding early-career researchers can apply for Research Fellowships from the Royal Academy of Engineering each year, which will help them develop into future engineering research leaders. The objective of the followship is to

  • support the best early-career researchers in establishing their independence and international reputation
  • provide long-term support enabling the pursuit of an ambitious programme of engineering research and impact
  • develop ambassadors for the Academy and advocates for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.

What are the benefits of the programme?

Fellowship amount

The Academy will only contribute up to £625,000 for each application over a five-year period, or 80% of the total economic costs.

The 2023/24 round accepts applications for the following research fellowship schemes:

  • Research Fellowship
  • Engineering for Development Research Fellowship

The benefits of the programme include, in addition to the direct cash support:

  • a chance to build a research reputation that will make it easier for you to apply for more funding and expand your research team
  • Mentoring support from an Academy Fellow to offer advice on research and career development
  • Reduction of teaching and administrative duties to dedicate time to research
  • Training opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with other Research Fellows and Academy Fellows

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Who can apply?

Application process

Research Fellowships must be held at one of the following eligible institutions that can show it is capable of fully supporting an engineering-focused research project and researcher:

  • a UK higher education institution/university or
  • a UK research organisation that is eligible to receive UKRI funding. (A list of eligible research organisations is included in the applicant guidance notes)

In addition, the host institution must agree to provide the Research Fellow all the support normal for a permanent employee. Research Fellowships cannot be jointly hosted by multiple institutions.

There are no restrictions on candidates’ nationalities or ages. All work permits and associated expenses for the Research Fellows must be handled by the host institution.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted via the Academy’s Grants Management System (GMS).

Grants Management System

Selection process

The scheme has a three-stage selection process:

  • Stage one: general review
  • Stage two: expert review
  • Stage three: interviews

The assessment criteria include the following subjects:

  • Candidate
  • Research quality and vision
  • Research environment
  • Resource and management
  • Beneficiaries and impact

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