Daimler and Benz foundation scholarship programme 2022

Daimler and Benz foundation scholarship programme 2022

Have you completed your Ph.D. and looking for a post-doctoral scholarship to take your career next level? Then the good news is the application for Daimler and Benz foundation scholarship programme 2022 is now open. In this article, we will guide you on how you can successfully apply and get the Daimler and Benz foundation scholarship programme.

Daimler and Benz foundation scholarship programme 2022

About Daimler and Benz foundation scholarship programme

With this scholarship, the Foundation wants to reinforce the autonomy of the subsequent era of academics. The section after finishing a doctorate, in particular, is productive.

The Foundation could consequently want to recognition its scholarship application in this degree of the profession route that allows you to help the instructional careers of devoted researchers.

The scholarship program is aimed at young academics who have completed a doctorate, are in the early stages of their postdoctoral career, and have already attained a certain level of autonomy in their research.

Who can apply?

Postdoctoral students studying at German research institutes can apply. The applicant must be in the early phase of an academic career and currently working on his/her own project.

Assistant professors or academics in equivalent positions, such as independent heads of research groups made up of young researchers can also apply.

The scholarship can only be requested to support the applicant’s own research project. It may be used either to expand an ongoing project or to facilitate an entirely new one.

Procedure for the application

Applications may be written in German or English and must be received in full (i.e. including the confidential letters of recommendation) by 1 October 2021 (23.59 hours) via the online application portal (www.daimler-benz-stiftung.de).

1.Proof of institutional ties for the entire duration of the scholarship (e.g. confirmation by the institute’s director or administrative office);

2. Title and a brief description of the research project for expert assessment, with details of the planned methodology (maximum four A4 pages including literature references);

3. Brief description of the research project, written in a readily understandable form for non-specialist assessors (maximum one A4 page)

4. A rough project time schedule, with information on the planned use of the scholarship (maximum two A4 pages);

5. Curriculum vitae covering the applicant’s academic career (including publications, grants, awards, achievements in the area of scientific communication);

6. Copies of Master’s degree or diploma and doctoral degree (provisional certificates will not be accepted); for foreign documents, please attach a certified German or English translation;

7. Two confidential letters of recommendation discussing both the applicant as an individual and the project for which they intend to use the scholarship.

The Foundation does not prescribe the choice of authors for the letters of recommendation; they do recommend, however, to choose authors from two 3/3 different academic institutions. The letters of recommendation must use the official letterhead of the institution at which the author is employed. Informal or unsigned letters of recommendation will not be considered.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship is granted for a period of two years and amounts to 40,000 Euros. Scholarship recipients must report on the progress and results of their research in an interim report after one year and a final report at the end of the scholarship period.

The scholarship is paid via the third-party funding office of the research institute where the applicant works.

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How the scholarship can be used?

The money can be used to finance research trips, conference attendance and the organization of the recipient’s own conferences, temporary employment of research assistants, computers, laboratory equipment and special chemicals.

Closing date for applications

Applications can be submitted from now until 1 October 2021.

Important contact

Contact: Susanne Hallenberger

Phone: +49 6203-1092-0

Mobile +49 170-2434373

Email: hallenberger@daimler-benz-stiftung.de

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