Scope and delimitation. All things you need to know

Scope and delimitation. All things you need to know

While writing a research paper or thesis you often have heard the term Scope and Delimitation of the study. In this article, we will discuss the details of Scope and delimitation. All things you need to know.

Scope and delimitation. All things you need to know

What is Scope and Delimitation?

Scope and delimitation are the two vital things in any research paper and thesis. The scope of a study describes how deeply the research area will be investigated in the work and establishes the limitations that the investigation will operate.

Delimitations are the parameters set by the researcher to determine what to include and what to leave out of the research study.

Delimitations are the elements that specify the parameters and confines of a study, such as a sample size, the environment or setting in which it is conducted, population characteristics, etc.

How to write a scope and delimitation?

You can write a good scope statement by answering the following 6 questions

scope and delimitation

Why – the broad goals and purposes (purpose) of the study.

What – the topic under investigation and the variables used.

Where – the study’s context or location, that is, where the data will be collected and to what entity they will belong.

When – the time period during which the data must be gathered.

Who – the topic of the investigation and the demographic from whom they will be chosen. For generalizations to be possible, this population must be sizable.

How – how the research will be carried out, including the methodology, research tools, and analysis procedures. The research design, such as whether it is experimental, qualitative, or a case study, will also be described.

Here are some of the effective ways to start writing your scope:

  • This study aims to…
  • This study is to focus on…
  • This study covers the..

Readers should understand why the delimitation criteria were chosen, what alternatives existed, and why these alternatives were rejected because the researcher had influence over these factors. The reader must comprehend how and why you choose the experiment you have if, for instance, you are gathering data that can be drawn from three distinct but comparable studies.

Here are some of the effective ways effective way to start writing your study delimitations:

  • This study does not cover…
  • This study is limited to…
  • The following has been excluded from this study…

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Scope and delimitation example

To understand better let us see the example

Let’s say one researcher wants to study the impact of using social media during working hours. In this case, it is not possible for the researcher to cover every aspect of the topic.

Therefore, the target population will need to be isolated within the scope. In this instance, the focus could be limited to a group of 100 employees in the Finance department at a single company. The impact could be observed for a duration of 6 months. These would form the delimitations of the study.

In this example, the researcher might answer why he/she chooses to study sample employees of 10. Why does he/she select the employees from the finance department, not from the HR or IT department? Why did he/she choose the XYZ Ltd company over others?

What is the purpose of scope and delimitation in research?

Scope and delimitation of the study are two important elements of a research paper that inform the reader what information is included in the research and explain why the author chose that information.

If you are about to write a research paper then one of the first tasks you need to perform when completing research is to identify the scope of the project. When identifying the scope, you need to address not only the problem or issue that you want to study but the population that you want to examine.

A delimitation is sometimes called a “boundary condition,” which specifies a region beyond which a theory or hypothesis is either changed or does not hold.

Final words

Both Scope and delimitation are equally important while writing your research paper or thesis. This provides a better understanding to the readers and future researchers. After reading this article Scope and delimitation. All things you need to know we hope you have a better understanding.

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