Presenting a paper at a conference

Presenting a paper at a conference, all things you need to know.

If you are presenting a paper at a conference then this article will guide you to do that. Here we will discuss all the things you need to know about presenting a paper at a conference.

Presenting a paper at a conference, all things you need to know

We will divide this discussion into three parts.

  1. Before the Conference
  2. During the conference
  3. After the conference

So let us discuss what you need to do before the conference.

Before the Conference

Write your paper.

Before attending any conference you need to write a paper and get it reviewed by your guide or co-authors. Write the paper in a proper format.

Search the suitable conference

After writing the research paper you need to find the best conference suitable for you. In our previous article, we have discussed how to find the conference.

After finding the conference, prepare the paper according to the Organizer’s/conference’s instruction.

After the Covid-19 situation, most of the conferences are now happening online mode. Thought Physical conferences are still in demand but global researchers start attending conferences online. So you can find the online or physical conferences happening near to your place or any place you want to attain.

Prepare yourself for the conference.

Once you find a suitable conference submit the paper according to the conference guidelines. Some organizers want the abstracts during the initial submission process. So check the procedure of submission.

Once you submit the paper start preparing for the presentation.

Make the slides for the presentation. You can check our previous article on Making PPT for the conference.

Present the slides inform of a mirror or in front of your close friends to practice before the conference.

If your paper gets accepted you will get a “Conference Acceptance letter” from the Conference Organizer. After getting the acceptance letter you need to register for the conference by paying the registration fee.

After the registration confirmation you will get the Schedule for the conference. There you will find the Time slot for your presentation, Session chair, number of presentations, venue etc.

During the conference.

Once you have prepared the slides and prepare yourself for the conference. Now it’s time to attain the conference.

Report on time

For Physical Conference: If you are attending the physical conference then you need to report at the conference venue at the time given as per the schedule. You may have to sign the attendance at the conference venue.

For Online or virtual Conference: If you are attending the conference online then you make sure to join on time before the conference opening.

Listen to all presenters

Some participants do not listen to other’s presentations during the conference. Rather they busy preparing their own presentation. So if you will do this then you may miss some important research topics.

So listen properly and participate the Q&A after each presentation.

Be confident do not get over confident.

While presenting your paper, be confident what you know and present your paper. Do not present the basic of the subjects. The other participants may be form similar background and have enough knowledge on the subject matter. You need to present what your research findings on this topic.

Do not get over confident while presenting your paper. You may get negative comment from the session chair. You may also lose the interest of listeners.

After the conference

Collect your Certificates and Conference Documents

Once your Presentation gets over remain present inside the venue till the valedictory function and certificate distribution. The Organizer distribute the participation certificates.

Check the Print in your documents

Once you receive the documents from the Organizer check your name paper title, and other details mentioned in the document printed correctly. Sometimes the error occurs from the Printing press.

Collect Conference Photos and Videos

If the organizer has all photos and videos collect the photos of your presentation and videos for the future.

Personnel Networking

After conference or mid-conference break time is the best time to network with other participants. You can have a chat with speakers, experts, other university students for collaboration, help, and for any other information. So do not miss this opportunity.

Final words

So this all about the Presenting a paper at a conference, all things you need to know.