Scopus discontinued list 2020 December

Scopus discontinued list 2020 December

Scopus one of the prestigious journal indexing agencies has recently published a list in Dec 2020 which has the information of Name and details for the journals discontinued from Scopus. Here we will see the Scopus discontinued list 2020 December.

Scopus discontinued list 2020 December

Scopus has updated the list of removed journal in Dec 2020 which has 14 journals. Scopus removed the journals which does not meet the criteria and having publication concerns.

How it will affect your research?

As Scopus is becoming strict for the indexing of journals it will definitely bring the quality of the journals high.

Any journal which does not satisfy the criteria will be discontinued from the Scopus list.

If your papers published in this removed journal till now it will definitely consider as a Scopus Indexed journal and you need to worry about it.

But if you are planning to publish your paper in the upcoming issues then you must rethink it. Removing from the Scopus list does not mean the journals are very bad. Previously we have written an article 5 Best tips for choosing the right Journal

List of Scopus discontinued Journals in December 2020

  1. Clinical Rhinology
  2. Compusoft
  3. International Journal of Higher Education
  4. International Journal of Finance Research
  5. International Journal of Research in Education and Science
  6. Journal for the Education of Gifted Young Scientists
  7. Journal of Information Technology Research
  8. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences
  9. Journal of Research in Gender Studies
  10. Management Science Letters
  11. Medico-Legal Update
  12. Research in World Economy
  13. Revista Argentina de Clinica Psicologica
  14. Universal Journal of Educational Research

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Please check the coverage years, Volume, Issue, Page range from the official list to check the discontinuation of journals.

Check the e-ISSN and P-ISSN form the list and match the journals.

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Earlier in 2020 Scopus has removed many journals that do not qualify to continue Indexing.

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Scopus has been reviewing the journal from time to time and taken action to remove journals and adding new journals.

If you are planning to publish your research paper in any of the Scopus indexed journals then you must check the journal in the updated removal list. This is all about the Scopus discontinued list 2020 December.