5 best tips for choosing the right journal
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5 Best tips for choosing the right Journal

Publishing research papers is very essential for all researchers. This article will guide to choose the right journal for your research paper. So we will discuss 5 best tips for choosing the right journal.

5 Best tips for choosing the right Journal

During your early career publishing papers in journals could definitely impact the career enhancement, research grants and funding, career reputation, etc.  

So it’s very essential for you to choose the right journal before submitting your papers for publication.

Find the journal

Thousands of journals published and journals exist in the world. So How to find academic journals online. You need to understand the process to find the journal. Repositories and directories for Journal is the best ways to find the journals. Such Indexing agencies are the best source of information that will definitely help you the quality journals.

Here are some of the best Journal indexing sites




Apart from the Journal indexing sites, you can visit various publication houses for publication updates and journal information.

Other sources to find the journal

Email notification, College and institute notification desk/notice board, Referred by professors and seniors are the other sources for finding the journal

Check the journal’s scope, terms & conditions, reputation, and impact

Every journal has a scope. As an author, you need to find out the scope of the journal. The right scope of the journal could help your research paper to reach a new high.

If your research doesn’t fall under the journal’s stated aims and scope, you’ll be wasting time submitting your paper.

The reputation of the journal  could be checked in many ways. You can check the number of years of publication. Editorial board details, Indexing, Impact Factor.

Restriction of a journal is also very important while choosing journals. Some journals do not publish review papers, Case studies, etc.

The number of Words also matters to some journals. Some journals have a limitation on the number of words and pages. So check the words before submitting the paper.

Check peer review system is used

Though there is a lot of review system used by the journal publication house. But two types of review system are very popular and widely used

  1. Peer Review System
  2. Double blind peer review system

Double blind peer review process is widely acceptable. So when you are choosing the journal, then do not forget to check the review system.

If the journal follows the double peer review system then it is considered a good and reputable journal.

Check the Publishing model

Open access and close access are the two types of publication models that most publishers follow. In the open-access publication, the Article processing charge involves.

As an author, you need to pay the article processing charge if your paper gets selected.

While in the close access publication process the author needs not to pay to publish.

Open access journals have many advantages in comparison to close access journals.

So if you are capable of paying the APE then you should definitely choose the Open access journals which are now trending.

Publication frequency and Publication time

Publication time is the time duration takes by the publisher to publish the paper. It also depends on the frequency of the journal. Larger the frequency the lesser the time to publish the paper.

Check the publication frequency and publication time of ss journal if you are submitting the paper.  

Final words

Journal publication is an important part of all researchers. So we hope these 5 best tips for choosing the right journal will help you a lot.


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