Top mistakes to avoid during publishing a research paper
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Top mistakes to avoid during publishing a research paper

While writing a research paper most of the researchers or authors faces some difficulties and does some common mistake. Here in this post, we will discuss the top mistakes to avoid during publishing a research paper.

Top mistakes to avoid during publishing a research paper

Research paper publishing is a significant milestone for any researcher or author. Navigating the research paper published in a good journal is a challenging process. To publish a good journal you need to be careful and not repeat these mistakes which most researchers do.

Insufficient Research Planning

Inadequate planning throughout the study process is one of the most serious errors researchers make. The quality and validity of your findings may be compromised by inadequate background research, poor experimental planning, or insufficient data collection. To avoid this mistake you need to give enough time for your research and literature review.

Collect the data in the most comprehensive manner and format it. Take the sample size as large as can possible to minimize the error.

We saw people rush in their last-minute submissions and try to write the paper. This will be a big mistake that most researchers do. So do not write your paper in the eleventh hour.

Poor Organisation and Writing

Researchers frequently disregard the value of writing in a clear and straightforward manner. They use peer English to write a paper. This results in confusion and ambiguity for readers or editors white selecting your research paper for the journal.

To avoid this mistake, focus on writing in a structured manner, follow the journal’s guidelines for formatting and referencing, and pay attention to grammar and language usage.

Inappropriate Journal Selection

Most researchers do not which journal is suitable for them for the paper publication. So choose the wrong journal. Now Journal can be many types depending on the review process and the access types. Based on your academic research needs you need to choose a good journal.

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Many Journals have different indexing like Scopus, Webs of Science, etc. We advise the researchers to check their academic needs and choose the journal having this indexing. Often seen the Scopus and Wos Indexed journals charge a very high amount for the publication fee. So check the publication fees as well if you can afford it. Aim for reputable journals with a strong impact factor to increase the chances of acceptance and broader exposure.

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Neglecting Peer Review Feedback

Many researchers do not consider taking peer review seriously. They make the mistake of disregarding or not adequately addressing the reviewers’ comments and suggestions The peer reviewer’s comments could make the paper more effective and improve the quality.

Keep inquiring about the paper status.

Some authors keep emailing the editor about the paper’s status and expecting the review and publication process will be faster. But this is a big mistake usually done by the author. This creates a wrong impression by the editor. Always check the tentative time duration for review and publication before submission. You can check it from the journal’s official website or write an email to the editor.

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Lack of Ethical Considerations

The publishing of your research could suffer greatly as a result of ethical mistakes. Plagiarism, failing to secure the required ethical approvals, or inadequately disclosing conflicts of interest are examples of common errors. Make sure your research complies with the rules and ethical standards established by your field. Give due credit to all sources, ask participants’ permission where necessary, and be transparent about any potential conflicts of interest. Maintaining ethical standards helps your research’s credibility and dependability and prevents potential problems during the publication process.

Multiple Publications or Submissions

This is another type of common mistake done by most researchers. Authors usually submit the same paper to multiple journals at the same time. This is the wrong process for submitting papers. Many publishers have a central submission process. So it creates confusion for the editorial team to consider the paper for the review process from than one journal if all are coming under one publisher. In such case, Maximum chances of rejection occur.

Another type of mistake done by researchers is submitting the same paper with nominal modification to another journal. Though it will come under self-plagiarism.  So the solution is always to check the journal’s terms and conditions for publication and not submit the paper to multiple journals at the same time.

Adding too many authors

Sometimes to save the publication fee in an open-access journal the author adds many co-authors to the paper. Which is a mistake done by the author. As an author, you need to check the number of authors permitted inside the paper.

References to the Author’s Own Work

Adding too many references to the own work sometimes creates an issue. These practices need to be avoided and many reputed publishers do not allow such references.

Final words

So these are the top mistakes to avoid during publishing a research paper. Research paper publishing in an International journal or conference is a great experience with the right procedure followed by ethical practice.

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