How to choose the right journal for publication
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How to choose the right journal for publication?

Are you searching for a good journal to publish your research paper? Then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss how to choose the right journal for publication. Here we will discuss every aspect of selecting the right journal for your research paper.

How to choose the right journal for publication?

As the competition is increasing day by day, finding a good journal also becomes difficult. Writing a research paper and publishing it in the right journal is also a very difficult task. Sometimes the author gets a rejection message after writing the paper after putting in so much effort.

So how to overcome this situation? As an author, this difficulty will be reduced if you choose the right journal and you will understand the Journal publication life cycle and procedure.

Unfortunately, our universities and education system do not teach us how to publish a research paper. How to find a good journal. As an early researcher, the task becomes difficult to search the journal and write a research paper according to that.

After checking the aim of the Scope of the journal if your paper is suitable for the journal then you need to check some other important parameters as we discussed below.

Criteria for selection of journals

Before finalizing the journal you need to find the right journal with the help of different indexing agencies. 

You can find Google good at reputed indexing agencies

Here is the list of some of the most reputed Indexing agencies for Journals

  1. Scopus, 
  2. Web of Science(Clarivative)
  3. DOAJ
  4. Pubmed
  5. IJIFACTOR Indexing
  6. EBSCO
  7. EMBASE Etc.

These Journal Indexing platforms select good-quality journals after checking several parameters. These journal indexing agencies also provide qualitative measures for the journal like H-Index, I-Index, Impact Factor, Global Journal ranking, Article Influence score, etc. So You can expect good journals to be indexed here and this will help you to find the right journals.

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Check the Peer review policy and Open access types

Most of the journals follow the Peer Review as Blind Peer Review or double-blind peer review policy. Out of all these Double-blind peer review policies are considered to be good in academic publications.

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Here the reviewer and author’s identity do not disclose either. So, you can choose a journal that follows the Double-blind peer review process to review the papers. 

Some journal follows the Gold open access and Some journals follow Diamond open access. As per your requirement, you can choose either of the journals.

Review Timeline and Rejection Raito

You need also to check the timeline of the review process and the rejection ratio of the journal. A good journal takes around 30 to 90 days for the review and completes the pre-publication stages.

Some journal also takes less time at the same time some journals also take a large time for the review process. Depending on your requirement you need to choose the journal.

There is a misconception about the review time” if the journal takes less time to review it may be a predatory journal.” But let us tell you there is no such concept. If the journal has enough editorial resources it may review the paper very fast.  

Journal Rejection Raito

If the rejection ratio is high, it means your paper has less chance to get selected. But at the same time, the journals having a high rejection ratio are considered good journals.

The reach of the journal:

The ultimate aim of our publication is to reach a larger researcher doing research on the same domain. So, the journal having a wider range of global audiences will definitely add impact to your paper.

Check the journals for their wide distribution.  Also, check whether they are published on a recognized online platform to enable the content to be read by researchers and readers at little or no cost.

Things do not matter

  1. The number of Past issues: If the past issues are very less then they may not have any Indexing. But if the past issues are ample then definitely you can choose.
  2. Foreign Editorial Board members: It does not matter if the journal has some Foreign editorial board members or not.
  3. Journal having one ISSN out or e-ISSN and p-ISSN. Both journal’s ISSNs are valid.
  4. If the Journal has a high Impact factor: It also does not matter if the journal does not have a high impact factor.

Final words

If you follow some of the best tips and processes given in this article then you will definitely choose a good journal for your research paper. So we hope this article on how to choose the right journal for publication will definitely guide you to choose your right journal. 

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