there are the Top 12 reasons why Journal rejects manuscripts. As an author, you need to take care of the points so that your research paper will be selected in a good journal.
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Top 12 reasons why Journal rejects manuscripts

The publication of research papers is an inseparable component of research and thesis completion in universities around the world. In this article, we will discuss the top 12 reasons why Journal rejects manuscripts.

Top 12 reasons why Journal rejects manuscripts.

However, most researchers face the problem of manuscript rejection when they send their research papers to renowned publishers. This eventually delays their final submission of the thesis.

There are a few common mistakes that researches make in their research papers which lead to its rejection. Some of these mistakes can be rectified easily while some need thorough guidance of their guides to be rectified.

Listed below are a few of those common mistakes.

Scope of the journal does not match

Isn’t it obvious? If your research paper does not fall under the scope of the journal, then the editor of the journal cannot accept it and will reject it in the screening itself.

Paper title not explanatory

Some papers have only one or two words as title or sometimes even a question as the title.

However you need to remember that this is a research paper and not a book.

The title of the paper is the first thing that expresses the content of your paper to the editor.

Paper under review at multiple journals

Some researchers, in order to get published in a rush, send their papers to several journals at a time.

But you need to know that once a paper enters the peer review stage in a journal, another journal will not be able to accept the same paper.

Incomprehensive writing and explanation

The journal editor will not be able to understand your writing and your idea if you do not explain it properly.

Common grammatical mistakes and wrong placements of diagrams, figures or tables in your paper might lead to your paper’s rejection.

Paper does not follow the journal format

Some papers when submitted to journals lack the formatting required by the journals or lack some information vital to the format of the journal like contact information, abstracts, references etc.

These papers are rejected in the first screening itself.

Less Research value

Not all journals publish papers that do not have any research value or any valuable results or conclusions.

For example literature review papers are not accepted by all journals as they do not add value to the journal.

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Do not have clear Research hypothesis

Any research is based on a research hypothesis. However, if your hypothesis is unclear then no journal will be able to accept it.

Research paper is simply a part of another research paper

Some researchers, just for the sake of publishing a paper, send a part of a thesis or other published articles for publication in various research journals.

However, this makes the paper unsuitable for publication as it lacks all the important aspects and ethics that a research paper should contain.

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Research lacks supporting evidence

Journals publish research papers to document your research for your fellow researchers.

But if your paper does not have any supporting evidence, then it would be impossible for them to retrace your steps during their research.

Hence the value of the journal will also decrease if they publish such research.

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Poor Analysis and Wrong research methodology

Writing a research paper is not an easy task and hence needs guidance from mentors and research guides.

All journals have their own technical committee that validates your research methodology, analysis and results.

If your paper is not able to convince the committee then they might reject your paper.

No result or inconclusive result

All research papers should have a valid result which shows that the research has reached its goal.

In case the journal technical committee is not able to validate the result, it will reject the paper without a second thought.

Research ethics violation

Some researchers are not sure about the ethics of writing a research paper.

Hence they sometimes have more plagiarised content or other ethical issues with their paper.

International journals are very strict about these ethics. Even a minor violation of these ethics might result in rejection of your paper.

Final Words

So these are the Top 12 reasons why Journal rejects manuscripts. As an author, you need to take care of these points, so that your research paper will be selected in a good journal.