How to find academic journals online
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How to find academic journals online

Finding an academic journal is not a difficult task rather finding an appropriate academic journal online is difficult. If you are searching academic journals for our research paper to get published or finding relative journals for your research then, this article will guide you on how to find academic journals online.

How to find academic journals online?

Many ways are there to find a journal but in this article, we will suggest some of the best portals/websites and ways to find the right academic journals online.

Finding the right journal could help your research career. So how to find it?

Well, the answer is there is no particular tool or method to find it. You need to visit each journal’s details and find their scope, Aim, and topics of interest or call for the paper section and match those data to your research paper. Before that now let us understand.

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Why do you need to find the right academic journals?

You can find academic journals from many sources. Here are some of the web portals to find it.

Repositories and directories for Journal

There are many other Indexing Repositories and directories for journals that exist. You can search for them too.

Benefits of the searching journal in Repositories and directories

All the above Repositories and directories are trusted ones and operated by professional organizations so researchers can easily trust their integrity.

All the directories have thousand of journals listed. It’s difficult to find the right one.

So it has a filter option to search for the right journal according to the topic of selection. You can select multiple sub-topics to select your targeted journal.

Other ways to find academic journals online.

You can directly visit the Publisher’s website and search the journals according to your need.

You can search it on Google. Type the journal name or topics of the journals on the Google search page and search.

But we do not recommend this procedure because you may not find the right journal according to your need by following this way.

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Please suggest the Repositories, directories, etc. other than this list in the comment section include it. Please share this article with your fellow researchers and scholars to find academic journals online.

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