Top journal indexing databases

Top journal indexing databases

If you are looking to find a good journal then you might have heard of Indexed journals. Here we will discuss the Top journal indexing databases that exist to help researchers to find a good journal.

Top journal indexing databases

Why journal indexing is important?

We all know there are thousands of international journals that exist in the world.

According to the ISSN The ISSN Network has assigned more than 2.5 million ISSNs so far. The database is constantly updated by the ISSN Network. It increases by approximately 50,000 to 70,000 ISSNs per year, reflecting an equivalent number of records and identified publications.

Nearly 130,000 corrections and modifications are made every year. Currently, research and publication are going on in every part of the world. So the number of journals required to publish the journals also becomes very high.

As a researcher, it’s very difficult to find the right journal for your research paper. This major issue faced by the researcher is now becoming easier with the Journal indexing platforms.

What is an indexed journal?

Indexed journals are better in quality and have placed at a higher rank in terms of the quality of the journal publications. Scientific journals which are indexed are considered to be good journals rather than non-indexed journals.

Top indexing for journals

There are several Journal indexing databases for the journal. Here are the top indexing for the journals.

  • Scopus
  • Wos of Science (Clarivate):
    • Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE)
    • Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)
    • Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI)
    • Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)
  • DOAJ
  • Pubmed
  • CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)
  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
  • SCImago
  • Portico
  • UGC-CARE List (For India only)
  • ProQuest
  • Garuda Indexing(Indonesia)
  • Reaxys
  • Google Scholar
  • HEC Journals(For Pakistan only)

How to know the indexing of a journal?

All the above journal indexing databases have an online platform. The indexing databases select the journals and list them in their portal after verifying them.

You can search a particular journal by its Name or ISSN from the list of journals available with the indexing platform.

Most journals now have a dedicated page for Indexing information. You can check the page for the indexing available for that particular journal and do not forget to cross-check it.

What is good indexing for journals?

All the Indexing agencies mentioned above are good and followed by the academic and research fraternity in the world. Most of the major universities and research organizations recommend journals that are listed in the above list.

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Difference between indexed and non-indexed journal

The major difference between Indexed and non-indexed journals are the no indexed journals are considered to be less in quality and do not maintain publication ethics.

But in the past few days, popular indexed like Scopus, Wos and UGC care have removed hundreds of journals that found unethical publication practices.

How does Journal Indexing help researchers?

The individual Journal indexing agencies have an individual database that helps the researchers or the authors to find and publish in good journals.

  • It helps to find a good journal
  • Journal Indexing helps track the metrics of the journal.
  • It helps to compare more than one journal on one particular subject.
  • Indexing helps to detect the journals which practice unethical publication rules.

Final words.

If you are doing your master’s and Ph.D. or at any part of your research career, you need to publish research papers in good journals. These top journal indexing databases will help to find a good journal. Journal indexing is not only a factor to find a journal but yes it’s an important factor of good journals.