ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards 2022

ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards 2022, Nomination open [Eligibility, important dates, Link]

In a recent notification, the nomination for the ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards 2022 is now open. Scopus is seeking academics from universities and government-funded research centers in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards 2022

About the award: Have you done anything in the last ten years that you want to be recognized for? Send in your application right away; see the general requirements and exclusions below.

The ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards is a component of Elsevier’s global project to push the frontiers of knowledge across a wide range of fields, which was initially introduced in 2010.

The ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards honor excellent researchers whose work integrates a wide range of expertise and academic specialties to significantly advance humanities-beneficial research.

The award categories all uphold the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as research integrity.

This year’s awards are based on a novel and improved approach. While Scopus will continue to be used to provide a data-informed view of a researcher’s contributions.

According to Scopus they are introducing the Personal Story to enable researchers to share their motivations and research outcomes, and tell the story behind the data that will resonate with the general public.

Additionally, public content, such as research data, code, social media, films, and other types of media, can be shared by applicants. The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, which outlines international best practices, is fully in line with this new technique.

Categories of the Award

This year in 2022 Scopus has defined three categories of the award and accepting applications.

  1. Excellence in Research Impacting a Sustainable Future
  2. Excellence in Women in Research Award
  3. Excellence in Outstanding Early Career Research

For each of the awards categories, Scopus aims to recognize researchers who:

  • Show both a strong presence in the international publication and citation data, as well as present an inspiring personal story. As in international best practice in research assessment, a researcher cannot compensate for a weak presence in the data by their personal story alone, or for a weak personal story by a few highly cited publications.
  • Reflect the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion in their work and ethos, and champion the removal of barriers to true equality where they may be found.
  • Champion research that is conducted with integrity, and that embodies this goal across their professional conduct, for instance in terms of rigor, transparency, communication, and/or in the involvement of participants.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Researchers from academic institutions in Australia and New Zealand, as well as government-funded research organizations, should apply. Industry researchers are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. The award is not open to visiting researchers.
  • The award is open to individuals only.
  • Activity considered for this award must have been undertaken no more than ten (10) years prior to the closing date of entries on 21st October 2022.
  • Only applicable to Excellence in Outstanding Early Career Researcher Award: Applicant is an early-career researcher whose first paper in Scopus is not older than 1st January 2013.
  • Applicant must have a Scopus Author Profile ID* and must also have validated its accuracy.

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Prize money

The ANZ Scopus Researcher of the year winners receive:

  • Cash Prize of AUD1000
  • A personalized award plaque
  • Team celebration hamper worth up to AUD500
  • Free Elsevier book of your choice
  • Global exposure of your research  via our Scopus communications channels
  • Social badge to boost your winning

Deadline for the Application

Submit an online entry form including uploading your supporting document by Friday, 21st October 2022, 23.59 AEDT.

Contact email: Macy Lee (Marketing Manager) at

How to apply:

You can apply for the award with this link

Official information can be found from here