How Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes Young Chemists

How Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes Young Chemists

Prizes always encourage us to do more and research more. Reaxys Celebrating outstanding research by young chemists across the globe. In this article, we will discuss how Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes Young Chemists. The Reaxys Ph.D. Prize recognizes innovative and rigorous research in chemistry and associated sciences.

How Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes Young Chemists

Reaxys empowers chemistry research and development by providing structure, property and reaction data, experimental procedures and literature.

It is designed to support early drug discovery, education, material selection and synthesis planning; its capabilities include data export and integration to enable harmonized analysis of in-house and external data.

 The winners are invited to the elite club now as Reaxys Prize Club

What is  Reaxys Prize Club?

All finalists of the Reaxys PhD Prize invited to join this elite group of influential chemists.

Over the years, their careers have developed, so the membership now encompasses all fields of chemical sciences research and the full span of academic and industry positions.

Members of the Reaxys Prize Club get a wide range of benefits including free access to Reaxys, discounts to attend Elsevier conferences and purchase books, travel grants to network and explore research collaborations, and many more.

The benefits of the Reaxys Prize Club

  • Travel grants: Club members can apply for special travel grants to support research collaboration opportunities with other club members, or to attend a conference that supports their research.
  • Private events: Unique networking events to meet collaborators and mentors in your research area
  • Free access to Reaxys: Personal and unlimited access to Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry, including online training sessions
  • Book discounts: 20–30% discounts on Elsevier chemistry books
  • Reduced conference fees: Preferential rates for over 40 annual Elsevier conferences

Reaxys Phd prize 2019 finalists

Selected from 45 finalists, the 2019 Reaxys Ph.D. Prize winners were

  • Dr. Yujia Qing from the Bayley Group, University of Oxford
    Presentation title: Directional control of a processive molecular hopper
  • Dr. Aaron Trowbridge from the Gaunt group, University of Cambridge
    Presentation title: Multicomponent synthesis of tertiary alkylamines by photocatalytic olefin-hydroaminoalkylation
  • Mr. Michael Geeson from the Cummins group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Presentation title: Phosphoric acid as a precursor to chemicals traditionally synthesized from white phosphorus.

How to apply for Reaxys PhD Prize?


To enter, you must meet the following rules and requirements:

  • You must currently be in a Ph.D. program or have completed your Ph.D. after January 1, 2019
  • Your Ph.D. topic must be within the chemical sciences. All areas of research are considered eligible.
  • A maximum of two candidates per research group can apply.
  • You must submit your completed application on this platform.

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Submission Requirements

Your application must include:

  • A curriculum vitae that includes your research achievements, experience, publications and conference presentations.
  • A three-page summary of your research including abstract, appropriate illustrations and outlook.
  • A letter of support submitted directly by your supervisor

Field of chemistry research applicable to the Reaxys Ph.D. Prize

All research in the chemical sciences is eligible. Applicants will be asked to identify which category in the following list is most relevant to their research:

• AI & modeling

• Analytical chemistry

• Biochemistry and biotechnology

• Computational chemistry

• Environmental chemistry

• Food chemistry

• Green and sustainable chemistry

• Inorganic chemistry

• Macromolecular chemistry

• Materials chemistry

• Medicinal chemistry

• Nuclear and radiochemistry

• Organic chemistry

• Organometallic chemistry

• Physical chemistry

• Solid-state chemistry

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Review process and assessment criteria

All applications will be individually and thoroughly evaluated in several steps:

1. Completeness of application and eligibility by the Ph.D. Prize organizing team

2. Review by senior Reaxys Prize Club members and external review by selected independent scientists in the same research area

3. Final assessment and short-listing of finalists by the Reaxys Advisory Board

What are the assessment criteria? The following five criteria will be used and have the same weight in the evaluation.

  • Clarity of thought
  • How tractable is the described science (yields, purities)?
  • Impact & importance to the field of expertise
  • Original (unique) is the described research compared to the ongoing research of the same discipline
  • Overall impression

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Reaxys Advisory Board meets annually with the Reaxys team to Planning the visionary framework. Making the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium a resounding success through their involvement, inspiring presentations and meaningful contributions to discussions.

Final words

So this is how Reaxys Ph.D. Prize recognizes Young Chemists. If you satisfy the criteria then you should definitely apply this prestigious Reaxys Ph.D. Prize.

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