UGC removed journals list 2021 July

UGC removed journals list 2021 July

In a recent notification, UGC has mentioned the Journals which are discontinued from the UGC CARE list in July 2021. You can find the UGC removed journals list 2021 July.

UGC removed journals list 2021 July

In our previous article, we have discussed the UGC discontinued journals. Now in July UGC has also come out with new journals which are going to be discontinued.

In July UGC has removed 11 Journals from the Care list.

Here is the UGC removed journals list 2021 July

Sr.No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNE-ISSNAction
1Australian Journal of Labour LawLexisNexis Butterworths1030-7222NADiscontinued from July 2021
2IASA JournalInternational Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives1021-562X2617-9024Discontinued from July 2021
3Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesIndo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesNA2249-1023Discontinued from July 2021
4Jijnasa (print only)Department of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan0337-743XNADiscontinued from July 2021
5Mizo StudiesDepartment of Mizo, Mizoram University2319-6041NADiscontinued from July 2021
6Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and MedicineNigerian Society of PharmacognosyNA1118-6267Discontinued from July 2021
7Psychology, Community and HealthPsychOpenNA2182-438XDiscontinued from July 2021
8Querelles-net:Rezensionszeitschrift für Frauen- und GeschlechtforschungFreie Universität Berlin1862-054XNADiscontinued from July 2021
9Scientific Studies and Research, Series Mathematics and InformaticsVasile Alecsandri University of Bacau2457-497X2067-3566Discontinued from July 2021
10TANG [Humanitas Medicine]Association of Humanitas MedicineNA2233-8985Discontinued from July 2021
11The Mathematics EducatorAssociation of Mathematics Educators0218-9100NADiscontinued from July 2021
Source: UGC Care Website

Reason of Removal

There is no specific reason for individual journals being removed from the UGC Care list. However, it is observed that the journal which doesn’t maintain the right procedure and maintain the editorial process got removed. These journals may not qualify the terms and conditions of UGC to get listed.

According to the UGC Journals found to be involved in unethical practices will be discontinued immediately.

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Group-1 and Group-2 Journals of UGC

UGC has categorized 2 groups of Journals listed on the UGC care list. Group-1 journals are the journals that are not in Scopus or Web of Science Indexed.

According to UGC the journals which got discontinued from the Scopus or Web of Science list will also get removed from the UGC Care Group-2 Journals.

How to check the UGC care removal journal in June 2021?

Here are the steps to follow

  1. log in into the care listed Journal page
  2. Go to “Search “Group -1 Journals
  3. Check the “Recently Discontinued journals
  4. You can see the Removed journal list

Final words

To keep the quality of the research journals, UGC in India is trying to keep the best journals in its list for reference purposes. As a researcher or author, you may follow the list of journals for the paper publication. You may also need to check other reputed indexing agencies to find good journals for your research paper. So this is all about the UGC removed journals list 2021 July

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to help the researchers and students and for education purposes only. Our Source of Information is the UGC Care list Website. We do not have the intention to defame any organization or journals.