UGC removed journal list 2021 Oct

UGC removed journal list 2021 Oct

UGC has released a new list of removed journals in Oct 2021. Here we will discuss the UGC removed journal list 2021 Oct.

In our previous posts, we have informed you regarding the removal of various journals from time to time. UGC is updating its list of journals by adding some journals and by removing some journals throughout the year.

UGC removed journal list 2021 Oct

In the month of Oct 2021 also UGC has released a new list of removed journals.

Reasons for Removal.

According to UGC Journals, the journals found to be involved in unethical practices will be discontinued immediately. So these journals might have haven been involved in unethical publication practices.

Previously also the journals were removed based on this reason.

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Number of Journals Discontinued in Oct 2021.

According to the UGC CARE website, the total number of journals removed in Oct 2021 is 5. Below we have given you the list of all 5 journals including their name, ISSN, Publisher, and Month of removal.

UGC removed journal list 2021 Oct.

Sr.No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNE-ISSNAction
1EnsembleDr. Meghnad Saha CollegeNA2582-0427Discontinued from Oct. 2021
2Journal of Education Culture and SocietyInstitute of Pedagogy, University of WrocławNA2081-1640Discontinued from Oct. 2021
3Journal of Microbiology and Infectious DiseasesDepartment of Microbiology, Fatih University2146-31582146-9369Discontinued from Oct. 2021
4Kalyan Bharati (print only)Kalyan Kumar Dasgupta Memorial Committee0976-0822NADiscontinued from Oct. 2021
5PIMT Journal of ResearchPunjab Institute of Management and Technology2278-7925NADiscontinued from Oct. 2021
Source: UGC CARE Website

Procedure to check UGC removal journals in Oct 2021?

Here are the steps to follow

  1. log in into the UCG CARE listed Journal page
  2. Go to “Search “Group -1 Journals
  3. Check the “Recently Discontinued journals“ from the Left hand side.
  4. You can see the Removed journal list in Oct 2021.

UGC CARE Clone journals

Apart from the removal of journals from its Group-1 UGC has also uploaded the Clone journals. Here you can check the Clone journals declared by the UGC

Final words

Journals are very essential for the development of scientific research and development. Due to some of the unethical practices of the publishers some journal lost their credibility.

As an author and researcher, you need to check the details of the journal’s publication details, Indexing, Impact factor, and other ranking parameters to choose a good journal. You can follow the UGC Care list along with other reputed Indexed agencies to find good journals to publish your research paper.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to help the researchers and students and for education purposes only. Our Source of Information is the UGC Care list Website. We do not have the intention to defame any organization or journals.