UGC removed Journals list April 2021

UGC removed Journals list April 2021

UGC has recently removed 13 journals in April 2021. This article is all about the UGC removed Journals list April 2021.

UGC removed Journals list April 2021

UGC has been adding and removing journals from time to time to keep the good journals on the list. In our previous post we discussed, in 2017, UGC came out with a list of around 35000 journals. According to the UGC notification, the journals listed had a high impact and were genuine.

Latter on many journals have been removed from the list including all leading publishers. This leads to a major controversy in the Indian education system.

Now UGC-CARE List has the journals in only TWO groups, instead of the original FOUR groups to simplify the search process.

The Group II lists of journals are basically from the Scopus and Webs of Science indexed journals.

UGC care listed journals are considered as high in standard and the authors need to check the indexing before publication.

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Here is the UGC removed Journals list April 2021

UGC removed Journals list April 2021

1. AIS Transactions on Human- Computer Interaction, E-ISSN- 1944-3900

Publisher:Association for Information Systems

2. Algological Studies, P-ISSN-1864-1318

Publisher: Schweizerbart Science Publishers

3. Ancient Science of Life, P-ISSN-‘ 0257-7941

Publisher: AVP Research Foundation

4. Drishtikon (print only),P-ISSN- 0975-119X

Publisher: Drishtikon Prakashan

5.International Journal of Management and Network Economics, P-ISSN-1754-2324

Publisher: Inderscience Publishers

6. Journal of Optimization, E-ISSN-2356-752X

Publisher: Hindawi Limited

7. Journal on Environmental Law, Policy and Development,E-ISSN-2348-7046

Publisher: Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy

8. Malaya Journal of Matematik, P-ISSN-2319-3786

Publisher: University Press

9. Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes,E-ISSN: 2198-7874

Publisher: Springer

10. Middle Flight, P-ISSN-2319-7684

Publisher: sukumar sengupta mahavidyalaya

11. New Horizons,P-ISSN-2277-5218

Publisher: Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women

12. Shodh Sanchar Bulletin (print only),P-ISSN-2229-3620

Publisher: Shodh Sanchar Educational and Research Foundation

13. Shodh Sarita (print only), P-ISSN: 2348-2397

Publisher: Shodh Sanchar Educational and Research Foundation

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Reasons of the Discontinuity

According to the UGC, the journals found to be involved in unethical practices will be discontinued immediately. These journals might not have satisfied the terms and conditions of the UGC CARE listed journals to remain in the list.

What to do if you published your paper in these journals?

The value of your research paper remains constant as you have published your paper in a UGC care listed journals till April 2021. The papers which are published in the above 13 journals should be considered as UGC CARE listed journals if it published till April 2021.

UGC CARE Clone Journal list.

Apart from the UGC removed Journals list April 2021, it has updated the Clone journal list in both Group-I and Group-II. The clone journals are those journals that are not operated by their original publishers.

These Clone journals create a website on the Original name of the publisher and start publications. So you need to be aware of these Clone journals. You need to check the Journal names from the UGC-CARE List Group I and UGC-CARE List Group II list. Check the status as Active.

You need to worry if the journal’s name with the clone Website present in the UGC CARE Clone Journal list. In such case, you need to check the Active status from the Journal list

Can you publish your paper in non UGC approved journal?

Absolutely ‘YES’. Thousands of journals exist apart from the UGC-approved journals. So it’s absolutely fine to publish your paper in journals which are not UGC listed.