What are the best tools for removing plagiarism

What are the best tools for removing plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to copying a piece of information without giving any credit. It is equivalent to intellectual deceit, where you take credits for work that you haven’t done. Here we will discuss What are the best tools for removing plagiarism?

What are the best tools for removing plagiarism?

The practice has touched unprecedented heights in this era. With information readily available online, bloggers are inclined to directly copy the content. The numbers in this regard are astonishing.

As per the published statistics, the number of existing websites is 5.1 billion. Out of these 5.1 billion, 1.5 billion websites have plagiarized content. That means more than 30% of the web data is plagiarized.

Any website with plagiarism gets low rankings and negative reviews. Such a website is also prone to copyright strikes and a straight-out ban from Google. So, the key is to remove plagiarism from web content. That is the secret that all top websites follow.

 You can’t reach on top of Google’s SERP without uploading 100% unique content.

Paraphrasing Tools: The Best plagiarism Removers

The easiest way to make your content plagiarism-free is to use online paraphrasing tools. These AI-powered tools can generate multiple copies of an original work without any repetition.

A paraphrasing tool can perform keyword substitutions, sentence rewriting, paragraph adjustments, and complete content overhauling of your work. The output isn’t just contextually accurate, it also gives a professional outlook.

For any website writer, it is essential to consult a paraphraser to improve the ranking and overall quality of his website.

Best tools for removing plagiarism

So far, we have discussed the importance of plagiarism removal and how paraphrasing tools are your best bet for it. Now the question arises, which tools are the best for the job?

To cater to this need we have prepared a list of the top 5 best plagiarism Removers

  1. Paraphrasingtool.ai

This is our premium choice for removing plagiarism. The tool can remove any type of plagiarism by using its wide range of modes.  These modes are:

Text Improver: The mode improves keyword selections and weak areas of your work.

Near Human: It removes plagiarism by rearranging sentences like a human brain. It pays special attention to contextual accuracy.

Plagiarism Removal: This mode eliminates every type of plagiarism. It can rewrite complete sentences and paragraphs in a way that no checker can find plagiarism.

Creative: It works on finding an alternative expression for your content by rewriting the entire content.

The tool also includes a plagiarism checker to check the quality of the final output. It further validates our results.

 It also has a grammar checker, summarizer, content generator, and sentence re-phrase to further improve the quality of output. 

The tool has a basic interface to attract more users. It makes it equally suitable for professionals and novices alike. The Free version can rewrite 100 words in one search. 

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  1. Neural Writer 

It is our 2nd choice in this endeavor. The neural writer can remove plagiarism in two distinctive modes. 

Light: The mode performs quick rephrasing. It performs small adjustments to remove mild plagiarism.

Medium: it is an advanced version. It rewrites the complex sentences to bring plagiarism to 0%. However, its pace is a bit slower. 

The free version can rewrite 10,000 words in one search. It enables you to convert the entire website blog in one go.

The tool also possesses a multilingual translator. The translator can convert your work into 16 different languages. This makes it a global attraction for writers around the globe.

The tool also has a summarizer to condense a subject. However, a notable absence is the lack of plagiarism and grammar checkers. You must verify the quality of output from another source.

  1. Spinbot

Spinbot gets the 3rd position because of its high accuracy. The tool can eliminate plagiarism from a website via 3 paraphrasing modes.

Shortest Mode: The mode removes plagiarism by condensing the articles

Default Mode: This mode uses sentence and paragraph substitutions to make content 100% original 

Longest Mode: It works on expanding the initial draft. The plagiarism percentage drops to nill in the final output.

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The choice of mode depends upon user requirements. With this tool, you can rewrite your content as per the desired word count.

The tool can paraphrase 10,000 sentences in one search. It also provides a choice of “ignore words”, these words or expressions stay the same during rewriting. It makes an ideal tool for technical website writing.    

The tool also has an effective article spinner. The addition of a translator has also been announced by the developers.

However, the tool doesn’t have aided features. The absence of a plagiarism and grammar checker is obvious.

  1. Essayrewriter.io

For writers looking for bulk conversions, an essay rewriter is an ideal choice. The developers don’t believe in troubling users with multiple choices. 

Therefore, the tool has only got one paraphrasing mode.  It allows the tool to perform quick conversions without any hindrance.

The interface is very basic. The input text can be easily updated in the form of a file and copied text.  The left window shows the original draft while the right window shows the final output. The output can also be downloaded as a txt file.

The tool is also available on the play store. You can also access it via your Android devices. The tool is free to use without any limit. It is particularly suitable for newbies. 

  1. Contentbot.ai

The tool specializes in paraphrasing as per modern SEO standards.  It can deal with plagiarism in two simple modes:

Standard Mode: It performs small adjustments as per requirement.

Power Mode: This mode can rewrite complex paragraphs and sentences to remove complex forms of plagiarism.

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The tool has a versatile translator, which can translate into any language of the world with help of Google Translator.

The free version can rewrite 500 words in one search.  The tool doesn’t possess an in-built grammar or plagiarism checker, which is an obvious downgrade.

Final Words

This completes our list of best tools for plagiarism removal. The specs and features of each tool have been listed. You can pick the tool of your choice to make your content 100% unique.

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