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Win 100,000USD and Frontiers Spotlight Award by proposing Research Topics.

Frontiers is one of the leading Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform. This article will guide to win 100,000USD and Frontiers Spotlight Award by proposing Research Topics.

Frontiers have 69 open-access journals covering more than 570 disciplines across academia. 570 million article views & downloads clearly prove the Impact of the Journals.

Frontiers success as an Open Science platform has been recognized with numerous awards like European Union Prize for Women Innovators, Stevie Entrepreneur of the Year, ALPSP Gold Award for Innovation in Publishing and many more.

Frontiers Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections around themes of cutting-edge research. Defined, managed, and led by renowned researchers, they unite the world’s leading experts around the hottest topics in research, stimulating collaboration and accelerating science.

About Frontiers Spotlight Award

To honor the outstanding research, Frontiers Spotlight Award has been announced each year. An outstanding research topics article collection is been elected as the winner.

The award supports emerging and important fields of research and encompasses article collections from Frontiers’ full editorial program: life sciences, health, physical sciences and engineering, humanities and social sciences, and sustainability.

What is the Frontiers Research Topics?

Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections published around specialized themes. They bring together leading researchers from different institutions, locations and fields of interest, who collaborate and contribute articles.

All Research Topics are fully accessible and become highly visible collections of work.

As a  gold open-access publisher Frontiers provides free, unrestricted online access to scholarly literature to anyone in the world.

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How to Apply for Frontiers Spotlight Award?

As a Guest editor, you can propose Research Topics, which will be evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief. By leading a Research Topic, you are automatically eligible for Frontiers’ Annual Spotlight Award.

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Benefits as a Guest Editor

  • Edit an article collection around your research area.
  • Get a chance to collaborate with esteemed colleagues from around the world.
  • Can grow your network by uniting key experts.
  • Track your Research Topic’s impact in real-time with advanced impact metrics.
  • Ensure the quality of your Research Topic through rigorous, transparent and fast peer review.
  • Increase the visibility of your research with the possibility of a freely shareable eBook.

You can Suggest your Topic, or ask for more information, by contacting the Editorial team via:

Each year Frontiers grants 100,000USD to the Editor(s) of an exceptionally innovative and impactful Research Topic. The grant is used to organize a conference around the theme of the winning Topic.