AgriNext Awards & Conference Dubai 2024
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AgriNext Awards & Conference Dubai 2024

The AgriNext Awards & Conference Dubai 2024 is the premier 2 days long gathering for advancing agricultural and technological innovations. Interact with influential innovators, forward-thinking businesspeople, and world leaders as we unlock these sectors’ potential, promoting long-term partnerships and sustainable growth.

AgriNext Awards & Conference Dubai 2024

About the AgriNext Awards & Conference

This AgriNext Awards & Conference will be a  prominent venue at the nexus of technology and agriculture. They are committed to highlighting ideas, encouraging partnerships, and honouring and celebrating excellence in the agri-tech industry. The events bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators to examine the newest developments, discuss major problems, and create the future of agriculture.

After successfully hosting many sucessfull conference in Las Vegas, Singapore, Orlando and Dubai the company now moving to the Agritech hub . AgriNext Conference, will be held on the 13th and 14th of November 2024 at the Crowne Plaza Dubai, Festival City, United Arab Emirates.

Embracing a diverse spectrum of topics, the conference intricately explores pivotal themes including agricultural security, precision farming techniques, sustainable practices, and the latest technological innovations within the agriculture sector. Beyond being a mere gathering, the vision for the AgriNext Conference transcends conventional boundaries, aspiring to evolve into a dynamic ecosystem that catalyzes the exchange of insights, fosters strategic alliances, and facilitates the acquisition of knowledge among entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike.

Indeed, the ambition is for this groundbreaking conference to assume a central role in shaping the trajectory of agricultural technology, spearheading collaborative efforts, and serving as a conduit for the dissemination of cutting-edge information and transformative ideas. By fostering an environment ripe for collaboration, innovation, and shared learning, the AgriNext Conference endeavors to chart new horizons, driving forward the evolution of agricultural technology and propelling the industry toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

Over a thousand professionals in the field of agritechnology, including investors, startups, banks, insurance companies, agricultural service providers, and government organizations, are expected to come together for the conference. The Organizing Committee also expect appropriate C-level attendees who are interested in agriculture technology from other businesses.

Here are some of the confirmed speakers for the Dubai event:

Embark on an immersive journey that promises a transformative experience! Seize the opportunity to reserve your place at the AgriNext Conference now, and position yourself as an essential contributor to shaping the future landscape of agriculture.

How to register for AgriNext Conference?

You can now register for the Agrinext awards by clicking the link here

Book Tickets:

You can now use Coupoun code: Whatisresearch10 while register to get a special discount

How to nominate for the award?

You can nominate in the two categories 1. For Company or 2. For Individual. AgriNext Awards Nominate either yourself or someone you know for their exceptional contributions in the Technology sector in MENA & APAC’s. They deserve recognition for their extraordinary work.

Nominate for AgriNext Awards:

Important contacts

Speaker & Media​

  •  Sarita Kanwar
  •  +91 81301 28432
  •  Tausif Mohi
  •  +91 81301 28432
  •  Shubhi Gera
  •  +91 99102 25209
Exhibitor & Sponsor
  •  Shubham Parmar
  •  +91 99102 25209

Venue of the conference and Award

Crowne Plaza Dubai, Festival City, United Arab Emirates

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