Indian Universities to adopt a new plagiarism tool

Indian Universities to adopt a new plagiarism tool.

India is emerging as the global research and innovation hub the Plagiarism is been a major concern. To maintain the high-quality Indian Universities to adopt a new plagiarism tool. Indian Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has issued a nationwide contract to a Swedish company to provide the Plagiarism tool. This is a machine learning-powered tool for checking plagiarism.

Indian Universities to adopt a new plagiarism tool.

Indian researchers have a worldwide presence. To maintain the high-quality research this MHRD has come up with a new solution.

In past days Indian research organizations have been criticized for the quality of the research works.

So the Indian Government seeks to enhance the quality of research within the country’s academic institutions by deterring research misconduct and plagiarism, promoting originality and innovation.

Speaking to the Central Advisory Board of Education, Union Human Resource Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal, said in a statement, “The software(Urkund) will significantly help to improve the quality of research outcome by ensuring the originality of ideas and publication of the research scholars.”

The tender was initiated by MHRD entrusting Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), an Inter-University Centre of the University Grants Commission (UGC), with the tender and procurement process.

Benefits of using Urkund plagiarism detection tool

There are many advantages of Urkund but Its automatic nature does not only save teachers hours of work there are also proven preventive effects as well as educational aspects from using a plagiarism detection tool.

This tool not only enhances the institution’s reputation as a nonacceptance of Plagiarism but also provides resources to address the problem that is in place. This creates a solid foundation for the students in their further education.

How Urkund Plagiarism detection tool works?

In order to prove that a piece of text has been plagiarised, finding the source is the greatest challenge. The original content that is plagiarised can be found in three different source areas that are

  • The Internet
  • Published material
  • Student material

The common denominator in all three categories is that they contain an immense and ever-increasing amount of source references, which makes it close to impossible for teachers to find it unaided.

Best plagiarism checker for research papers

Apart from the Urkund plagiarism tool, there are many plagiarism tools present to find Plagiarism. In our previous article Best plagiarism checker for research papers free, we have presented all the essential things you must know about plagiarism.


So Indian Universities to adopt a new plagiarism tool we hope this will be easy acceptance by all researchers and the overall quality of research will be increased.