Clarivate Launches the Arabic Citation Index in Egypt
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Clarivate Launches the Arabic Citation Index in Egypt

Clarivate Launches the Arabic Citation Index in Egypt. Arabic citation index has been launched by the Web of Science which introduces an Arabic interface to access to bibliographic information and citation to the scholarly articles. It is the first local language citation index for the Arabic region .The index will be hosted on the Web of Science platform and will be funded by the Egyptian Government.

Clarivate Launches the Arabic Citation Index in Egypt

Arabic Citation Index is also open to journal submissions by editors of Arabic-language journals and will be open to researchers and organizations in all 22 nations of the Arab League by the end of 2020.

The ARCI is now open for journal submissions. The submitted  Journals will be selected by an expert, publisher-neutral editorial board from across Arab League Nations, who will provide regional insights and subject knowledge. The journal those are peer reviewed and accessible content will eligible for indexing if it meet the selection criteria.

Regional citation index developed by the Web of Science

Web of science has previously developed 4 other regional citation index .The ARCI will be the fifth regional citation index developed by the Web of Science, alongside the

  1. Chinese Science Citation Database™
  2. SciELO Citation Index™,
  3. Russian Science Citation Index™
  4. KCI-Korean Journal Database™.

Arabic Citation Index will also offer:

  • Enhanced Arabic journal visibility and quality,
  • Greatly increased visibility and influence of Arabic science on the global arena,
  • Indexation of an Arabic publication in ARCI on the Web of Science platform can greatly increase its chances to be cited worldwide,
  • The ability to identify critical Arabic research,
  • Access to the highest-quality, peer-reviewed international content,
  • Language interface in English and Arabic,
  • Regional competitive support and
  • Greater funding opportunities.

What are the benefits of the Arabic Citation Index?

The indexing of Arabic publications will provide local scientific communities with the ability to contribute to national, regional, and international research efforts facilitating collaboration and extending the Arabic academic footprint.

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This platform will provide and  Arabic language interface to help drive usage of local content, as well as providing access to the highest-quality, peer-reviewed content from around the world.

The Index also help to provide visibility for the public funding process and enhance visibility on the global academic map, bridging the gap between local scientific output and global impact.

How are journals selected for the Arabic Citation Index?

There will two phases for the selection

ARCI Triage

  • Journal title
  • Publisher URL (online journals)
  • Content access
  • DOI/ pagination
  • Timelines/ volume

ARCI Editorial Evaluation

  • Scholarly content
  • Statement of journal
  • scope Content relevance
  • Language quality
  • Cited references
  • Editorial board structure

So this all about the Clarivate Launches the Arabic Citation Index in Egypt.