How Springer Palgrave and Apress are changing
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How Springer Palgrave and Apress are changing?

In a recent notification and update on its official website the 3 best research platforms changing and updated. You can now search across articles, chapters, books, conference papers, reference work entries, protocols, and videos, including filtering by subject and date in this new platform. Here we will discuss how Springer Palgrave and Apress are changing.

How Springer Palgrave and Apress are changing?

With this update, Springer and its associate organizations aim to accelerate learning and discovery and make it easy to find, read, and contribute to science and research.

How the changes affect the researchers and user?

Springer has been providing researchers with access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols, reference works and proceedings. New books and journals are available every day on Springer’s official website. Now, these books and materials will be available on the SpringerLink.

What is a Springer Link?

The Springerlink will be the new home for the book and other products.

On SpringerLink customers can buy an ebook, hardcover, and softcover formats of all published Springer, Palgrave, and Apress books (including reference works) as well as books that are only available in print, the print version of OA titles and the print version where the user has access to the ebook via their institution.

Springerlink will be the complete book catalog where users can find all information related to all books. This will be very beneficial for finding a specific book on a topic.

Subscription of the Journal

You can continue to use your login credentials on SpringerLink you’ve been using in the past on,, and No separate login credentials are required.

The subscription will continue as it is. The existing subscribers will be able to continue to access all current and forthcoming Apress books via SpringerLink for the duration of their subscription by logging into their new SpringerLink account using their existing login and password. 

My Springer and My Palgrave functionality have now moved to the account in SpringerLink. You can log into SpringerLink with the existing username and password for,, and

Your library is now available on your Bookshelf at on SpringerLink.

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SpringerLink Videos

On the top menu, you can a menu” Videos” where Learning courses and educational videos developed by leading institutions and authors are available. These videos are available on the trending topic of Business management, medicine, Computing etc. These videos are very informative and made by experts and professionals from reputed organizations.

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Electronic supplemental materials (ESMs)

ESMs that serve as companion material to a specific book chapter are already available on SpringerLink. 

A small amount of content, specifically content relevant to a whole book such as source code, solution manuals, lecture slides, and other materials, are being migrated. As an interim solution,  a public Google Drive area at has been created where this information can be downloaded. 

Final words

As Springer Palgrave and Apress are changing and the Springerlink will be the new platform then will definitely help the researcher and readers to find all the relevant documents in one place. Customers can now buy and read easily in one place. No need to switch accounts. Currently, Subscriptions to individual journals are not currently available on SpringerLink which will be soon updated. After this update, this Springerlink will become one of the largest platforms for researchers.

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