Scopus discontinued list April 2021

Scopus discontinued list April 2021

Scopus continuously updating its list of journals every month. In this article, we will discuss Scopus discontinued list April 2021.

In March 2021 Scopus has removed 10 international journals form its due to publication concern and radar. According to Scopus these journal has not fulfilled the terms and conditions of the Journal indexing.

In April 2021 Scopus again removed 4 journals from it’s of indexing.

Reasons of Removal

According o Scopus the reason of the removal of these 4 journals in April 2021 are “Publication concern” and “Radar

As we know the Scopus removed the journals due the following four reasons

  • Metrics and benchmarks
  • Publication concerns
  • Radar
  • Continuous curation

But mostly journals removed due to the Publication concern and Radar

Scopus discontinued list April 2021

  • 1. Corps and Psychisme

Published by: Espirit

  • 2. Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

Published by: EManuscript Technologies

  • 3. Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Published by: Lahore Medical And Dental College

  • 4. Wutan Huatan Jisuan Jishu

Published by: China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation

Total 672 journals have been removed from its database till April 2021 and it’s expected to continue further. Some more journals are in the re-evaluation stage by Scopus and some journals are expected to be on the discontinued list soon.

Along with the Journal’s Name you also need to check the Coverage duration of the journal form the list.

If you find the journals the above list or in the previous list you need to check 4 important factors form the list.

  1. Year
  2. Volume
  3. Issue
  4. Page range

In the Scopus list it’s mentioned the date for any journal which is removed from the Scopus coverage.

How stringent are Scopus standards?

According to he official website of Scopus, every year, approximately 3,500 new titles are suggested for inclusion in Scopus, but only 33% of those titles meet the technical criteria. And of those roughly 1,200 titles, only 50% are accepted after CSAB review.

Scopus is very transparent in the selection process and have an independent review board. The international experts on the Content Selection and Advisory Board continually review new titles using both quantitative and qualitative measures. 

Final Words

As a researcher, you need to be alerted about the Scopus Removal list as its continuously updating the list. We try to bring all the latest information about the Scopus discontinued journals and other information. So here we discussed the Scopus discontinued list April 2021.

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