Cover letter for journal submission
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Cover letter for journal submission

If you are about to submit a research paper to an International Journal, then you might be going to submit the paper with a cover letter. Here we will guide you to write an excellent cover letter for journal submission.

Cover letter for journal submission.

How to write a cover letter for journal?

We have seen many authors write cover letters at the last moment just before the submission to the journal. Now, this leads to so many mistakes. To help the writers and authors we bring you the complete process of writing an excellent cover letter for manuscript submission.

Why a cover letter is important?

Not all journal publishers ask for a cover letter while submitting but some of the reputed journals need it. Sending a cover letter is a great chance to show the journal editor what is novel and significant about your research.

In addition to introducing your work to the editor, now is a good time to discuss why the manuscript will be interesting to readers of the journal something editors are often thinking about.

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Example of a poor Cover letter

Dear Editor/Head of the Editorial board,

I am perusing my Masters’s in Artificial Intelligence at California University. I and my team of 3 members have prepared a Research paper and want to submit it to your journal. My paper title is “Recent advancement of Artificial Intelligence and its impact.”

Please let me know of your decision at your earliest convenience.

With my best regards,

Sincerely yours,

A Researcher, MS

Instead of writing this way you could have written a letter that explains why the editor would want to publish your manuscript. Check the journal’s Instructions for Authors who have any cover letter requirements (e.g. disclosures, statements, potential reviewers).

You can also describe what type of manuscript your submission is (research article, review, case report, etc.)

Major things you need to include in your cover letter.

Here are the major things you need to write in the cover letter.

  • Editor’s name (you can usually find this on the journal home page or the Editorial board’s Page.)
  • Title of Your manuscript
  • Name of the journal you are submitting to
  • Briefly describe the study you are publishing in your paper, its significance, and why you believe the journal’s readers would find it interesting.

After writing all the things you can end by writing a brief paragraph indicating the following:

  • The manuscript is original (i.e., you wrote it, not copied it)
  • We confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under consideration by another journal.
  • There are no conflicts of interest to disclose
  • A list of potential reviewers (only if requested by the journal)
  • Any researchers who should NOT review your manuscript

Together, these details reassure the editor that your submission is deserving of consideration for publishing in their journal and that you have a particular interest in it. Although a well-written cover letter is helpful for the vast majority of scientists who want to make their study stand out, exceptional science is occasionally assessed regardless of the cover letter.

Things to avoid while writing the cover letter.

  • Do not just copy and paste the abstract of the paper
  • Do not much explain about your paper. Simply write about the paper in your own words and its significance.
  • Avoid any grammatical or spelling errors or writing the editor’s name wrongly in the letter.

Who should a cover letter be addressed to journal?

It’s always advisable to write a letter by addressing the Chief Editor or Editor of the journal. You can check the name of the chief editor from the journal’s website or Editorial board page.

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Do all journals require a cover letter?

No, not all journals required a Cover letter. You need to check the journal’s website for the requirement of the Cover letter.

Now most journals have an Online paper submission portal. In such a journal no need to send the cover letter along with your research paper.

Templates for cover letters

[My Name

University of Technology and Science

New York, USA 90491]

[Prof. Michel Hofewan


International Journal of Science and Technology]

[Dec. 5, 2022]

Dear Prof. Michel Hofewan:

I am pleased to submit an original research article entitled “Photocatalytic Nanocoating on the Shelf- Mitigation of Beacon Forgeries in Wi-Fi Networks” by Lopez Michel and My Name] for consideration for publication in [the international journal of Science and Technology].  We previously uncovered a role for photocatalytic], and this manuscript builds on our prior study to determine the evolution of Wi-fi networks.

In this manuscript, we show that [photocatalytic  (list a few important results)].

We believe that this manuscript is appropriate for publication by [the international journal of Science and Technology] because it… [specific link to the journal’s aims & scope].  [Our manuscript creates a paradigm for future studies of the evolution of essential enzymes in yeast.]

This manuscript has not been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.  We have no conflicts of interest to disclose.  If you feel that the manuscript is appropriate for your journal, we suggest the following reviewers:

[list reviewers and contact info, if requested by the journal]

Thank you for your consideration!


[My Name,

PhD Student

University of Technology and Science

New York , USA 90491

Final words

The cover letter is very essential if you are submitting to some good Journal publishers. Your cover letter should pique the editor’s curiosity enough for them to read your work. prudence and decide to submit it for peer review. Follow the right format to write an excellent Cover letter for journal submission.